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10 Signs You Need Ozone Therapies Now

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 27, 2016 10:30:00 AM / by Dr. Isadora Guggenheim

Ozone therapies bring you back to life. Second Nature Care.

Like the line in Harry and Sally, "I'll have what she's having."  She probably had ozone therapy. 

Ten signs you need ozone therapy right now

1. You have chronic fatigue everyday and you don't know why. The only thing that is consistent is your chronic fatigue. 

2. You have a strong family history of cardiovascular disease and events. You're positive on two copies for MTHFR. If you don't know what MTHFR stands for you need to schedule a consult with me. We offer testing in CT, or we can work with your primary care doctor in NY or NJ.

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3. You feel like you're aging from the inside out. Last time you looked in the mirror you did not recognize that person. Your vitality has slipped. 

4. You have adorable grandchildren and you want to be able to survive chasing after them when you babysit. If you have growing arthritis in your knees, Ozone gives immediate joint pain relief. 

5. Ozone eradicates chronic infections.  You want permanent relief. You're tired of having a broken immune system. 

6. You decided to put high altitude climbing on your bucket list. We'll get you in shape with ozone therapy. 

7. That short-term memory loss is bothering you.  Ozone can help.

8. You're done with chemo and radiation and you would have explored ozone earlier if you knew about it. Now you have a green light to use ozone therapies as a way to do chemo clean-up. You are cancer-free and want to stay that way. 

9. You have taken care of everyone else and now it's time for you. Besides your family, volunteering in the community and your religious affiliations - you need to focus on your health. 

10. Because you want to look good, feel good and think well. Ozone lets you reconnect to your wonderful old self that you remember in your youth when you believed you could take on the world.

Dr. Enzenbacher, MD and Isadora Guggenheim, RN deliver the best ozone treatments in the Tri-State area. High dose high quality and individualized care is why our ozone patients get the best results. Our patients achieve remission with chronic active infections, autoimmune conditions, cancer, mood disorders and gastrointestinal conditions. We book up every week 7 days per week so call to schedule your new patient consult and treatment. 




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