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3D Color X-Rays - New Technology to Find the Root of Your Pain - Prolozone, Xymogen

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 23, 2018 7:42:08 AM / by Isadora Guggenheim & Winter Ninivaggi

Medical X-rays are entering the future!

Television isn't black and white anymore and soon neither will your X-rays! While the contrast does serve its purpose and it helps doctors to see breaks and fractures in bones, more detail can help to pinpoint other problems. 

A company from New Zealand has developed a bioimaging scanner that can produce full color, 3-D images of bones, lipids and soft tissue. The company is called Mars Bioimaging and describes the technological advancement "similar to that of black-and-white to color photography".

Traditionally in CT scans, X-Rays are beamed through tissue and their intensity is measured on the other side. Since denser materials like bone weaken the energy of the X-ray more than soft tissue, their shape becomes clear as a flat monochrome image. The new technology called "Spectral CT"  can measure the weakness of certain wavelengths of the X-Rays as they pass through different materials. A 3D color image is then generated that clearly shows muscle, bone, water, fat and disease markers. The end results are like someone has sculpted a detailed clear model of your insides.
A small version of the device has been tested to see how well it can diagnose bone and joint health, spot cancer and pick up early markers for vascular diseases and the results have been promising.

Clinical trials are set to begin over the next few months as the scanner is used on orthopedic and rheumatology patients.

If you are suffering with joint pain Prolozone is the answer.

Prolozone therapy goes right to the root cause of the pain and delivers immediate relief.  
A high percentage of patients with osteoarthritis in one knee had it in both knees. NSAID's nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed first followed by paracetamol and opioid drugs. Many people end up habitually taking and getting addicted to opioid medications. This does not even conform to or follow clinical practice guidelines. 
We recommend to modify your current activities and cross-train with non impact sports.  Reduce your body weight with one of our detoxification protein shake programs from Xymogen.  I'll recommend the best anti-inflammatory natural medicines from Xymogen.  You can ice the area after your prolozone injections for the first 48 hours. 
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