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[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 15, 2018 5:00:00 AM / by Winter Ninivaggi

While skin cancer may seem like the easiest cancer to treat being that it's on the outside the body. But it is not always as simple as removing it safely. 

The reality is that treatment typically still requires chemotherapy, which we all know comes with some extreme side effects. But in the latest research, scientists have been making the first steps towards developing  a topical chemotherapy for skin cancer treatment.  

Natural chemotherapy is CuraDerm made from eggplant alkaloids. 

Melanoma is a particularly hard illness as it sits out in the open and spreads within through the lymphatic system. By the time it makes itself known on the skin it can be too late, but chemotherapy is still the accepted way of treatment. 

Applying chemo directly to tumor cells to avoid damage to healthy cells is a major area of cancer research. While many new techniques and theories are emerging, most are to target cancer cells in tumors within the body.  Melanomas should be easier to target, given they are visible on the skin. Researchers set out to develop a chemo filled hydrogel that could be applied directly to the skin. It was designed to help the active cancer-fighting ingredients penetrate deep into the skin. In this case researchers used the drug paclitaxel, which was wrapped in a surfactant and then few phospholipd layers resulting in nanoparticles called "transfersomes" and the surfactants let them slip through the skin more easily where they can then get to work fighting the cancer cells. (Irving, 2018)

The team ran tests on mice by applying the gel to melanoma tumors once a day, along with giving the animals injections of paclitaxel every few days , while a second group only received the injections. After 12 days the tumors in those that had received the gel were about half the size of those that were just getting injections of the drug.

While this is not ready for human trials, it is a major step towards a more safe and effective treatment for melanoma. 

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