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An Unexpected Bonus - Ozone Therapy

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 26, 2015 9:00:00 AM / by Isadora Guggenheim


I love my work and I love going to work everyday because ozone patients are happier people. And they are getting healthier. 

At first I thought it was a fluke when I checked in with our I.V. ozone patients before I recorded their vital signs. I asked how they were doing and what happened inbetween the last session and this one. 

Everyone one of them consistenly stated that they feel happier. Their baseline mood changed. Email or call to book.

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One of them eliminated all of her anti-depression medication. Everybody's pulse oximetry went up and their moods got better. Anxious patients remarked how they felt calmer.  One patient exclaimed how he is cooking again and wakes up happy.  Another talked about how her dreams are cinematic, in color and they roll like a film.  

It must be happening because of the oxygen to the brain and the intestinal microbiome. I know their oxygen utilization is improving because they are better able to convert the energy that is trapped inside the oxygen molecule. I.V. ozone combined with ozone inhalation is a dynamite combination treatment. 

Our inside joke is "Are you in the zone?  The O-ZONE."

When our oxygen utilization goes low, we produce more free radicals and have less anti-oxidant buffering capacity to protect our organs and tissues from free radical damage.  Our cells become hypoxic and our mitochondria decays which leads to aging, disease and organ degeneration. 

When our cells have the right amount of oxygen we are able to burn fat more efficiently, think clearly and prevent the aging process. Ozone supports efficient metabolism. 

One of the most common causes for decreased resting oxygen utilization is low thyroid function. When you treat low oxygen utilization with I.V. ozone therapy you improve thyroid function. Everyone with a thyroid condition should be getting I.V. ozone therapy. When your thyroid is working well you feel happier.  

After one I.V. ozone with ozone inhalation treatment for a raging Epstein-Barr infection last Saturday the patient called me on Sunday to report that she is 98% better. Dr. Enzenbacher  told her that she needed to continue treatment and we'll recheck her chronic active infection titers after 10 treatments.  We don't just want to roll her disease back; we want to erradicate it. 

I tell my patients that suffering is overrated.  Don't wait.  Book your new patient I.V. ozone session now. 

Ozone therapies bring you back to life. 

Nurse Guggenheim finished her advanced prolozone certification this Spring. We'll be offering specialized treatments for Interstitial Cystitis, Fibroids, fertility and Endometriosis.

Be like Pharrell and do the Happy Dance after your I.V. ozone therapy. 

Ozone Therapies bring you back to life and make you happy - Second Nature Care




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