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Are you Dieting Effectively?

[fa icon="calendar'] May 4, 2017 6:34:11 AM / by Isadora Guggenheim


Dieting, is alternate day fasting better than calorie restriction?


Alternate day fasting is exactly what it sounds like. Every other day is spent fasting while the opposite days the dieter is able to consume anything they want. This can appeal to those who find it hard to stick to a consistent healthy diet. Many forms of alternate day fasting do not require "fasting" completely, but instead consume only 500 calories on fasting days. It's benefits aren't yet proven and may not be the safest way to lose weight as fasting can be dangerous in many people. Some of the current literature, mostly consisting of short-term studies, have reported improvements in regards to insulin sensitivity, lipid profiles, blood pressure, and well as weight loss.

As with many quick fix diets, dieters look for a quicker "easier" way to lose weight, but does the alternate fast diet produce results superior to a calorie-restrictive diet?  According to a recent study the answer is no, the diet is not superior to a calorie restrictive diet for weight loss, weight maintenance, or cardio protection, according to trial results.

The study found no significant differences in mean weight loss between the alternate-day fasting group versus the calorie restriction group after 6 months of intervention. The finding remained consistent in groups followed through for a year after the 6-month maintenance phase. During the year-long, randomized clinical trial, the two intervention groups experienced no significant differences among secondary endpoints, which included blood pressure, heart rates, triglycerides, fasting glucose, fasting insulin, insulin resistance, C-reactive protein, and homocysteine concentrations. Although total cholesterol levels did not significantly differ between groups, in relation to the control, mean levels of HDL cholesterol were significantly higher among the alternate-day fasting group compared with the calorie restrictive group after 6 months of the weight loss phase, however; there was no significant difference found between groups after a one-year period. 

For many people finding a safe and effective diet that works for them can be difficult. Crash diets are unhealthy and rarely yield permanent results, fasting can be very dangerous in some individuals, and calorie-restriction can be difficult to maintain and see results quickly. 

If you are on the hunt for a safe, effective route for permanent weight loss that will yield quick results the HCG diet might be the right choice for you.  The HCG diet is the original anti-inflammatory diet so patients report the elimination of joint pain, more energy and we see normal blood glucose levels and better lipid profiles. We see both men and women for HCG weight loss.  We offer a hands-on program to guide you through every day. We offer additional medicines to eliminate weight loss barriers. 

The secret to weight loss is changing your brain chemistry with HCG.  HCG is a pregnancy hormone. When your system is flooded with this hormone your brain thinks it has to feed the phantom baby.  You release abnormally stored fat to feed the baby.  Stubborn fat under your arm, in your inner thighs, around your butt and abdomen go into circulation while your body sculpts into shape.  Not even a diet and a trainer can do this in 40 days.  Only surgery can, but who wants an expensive and potential surgical complication?

You get pre-loaded HCG syringes, a diet plan and discounts on other supportive weight loss services . Our patients love our service and the best part is that everyone has been a success case.  Some finished the program and are still losing weight.  

Our HCG program is MD supervised in NYS. Our HCG is formulated by an FDA approved pharmacy. It is the real deal and not fake counterfeits advertised on the net. You get on the ground weekly support unlike an internet scam. We offer additional fat burning injections that have a proven track record. Our prices are competitive. Patients come to us because we get results at half the cost of other programs.

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