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Bacteria Bouncing from Tumor to Tumor - Colon Cancer, I.V. Ozone, German Biologics

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 Bacteria found in colon cancer tumors.

A research team at Harvard University has found evidence suggesting that a specific bacteria found in colon cancer tumors makes its way to tumors in other body parts traveling with metastasizing cells. The bacteria is a possible link to being a cause of colon cancer.

Research has shown that bacteria exists alongside tumor cells for various types of cancers. This has lead researchers to question whether this bacteria is the cause of tumor formation.  Fusobacterium nucleatum has been found to exist alongside colon cancer tumor cells.  The researchers then wondered if the same bacteria exists alongside colon cancer tumor cells that have migrated, specifically to the liver.


Their findings showed that in many cases the same strain was found in both the colon and the liver in patients where the cancer has metastasized.  They also found that patients who have colon cancer and did not have evidence of the bacteria in the tumor did not have the bacteria in their liver tumors.

In an experiment using rats, researchers implanted tumors from human patients into healthy rats. They found that those tumors which also had the bacteria took hold and began growing.  The tumors that did not have bacteria failed to take hold. They then tried treating the mice with an antibiotic known to kill F. nucleatum and found that in doing so they did indeed slow the growth of the tumor. They are currently conducting more research to see if the bacteria play a role in development of tumors.

Whether our patients are doing standard chemo protocols and radiation they choose to get I.V. ozone therapies to address oxygen deficiencies (cancer cannot thrive in an oxygen rich environment), enhance their treatment and strengthen their immune system. Cancer and cancer treatments lower your oxygen utilization. Hands down - everyone feels better after their I.V. ozone treatment. We individualize treatment with prescriptive injectable homeopathics (Chelidonium, Cerebrum compositum, CoQ Enzyme, Engystol, Lymphomyosot, ATP, Mucosa Compositum or Viscum Album to name a few).

While you are doing I.V. Ozone - we review your diet and all of your supplements to create your best effort in your fight against cancer. Essiac botanical full strength, Curcumin pharmaceutical grade, Savestrol are just a few things in your arsenal.

We now prescribe LDN or low dose naltrexone because it has proven to prevent metastasis in several cancers. It retards cancerous growth. 

Once chemo and radiation are finished we begin the process of Chemo Clean-up with specialized oral medicines, specific anti-inflammatory dietary strategies, exercise, hydrotherapy and I.V. glutathione or anti-oxidant nutrient drips.

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Gut Bacteria and Cancer

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