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Bathe Away Your Psoriasis with Turmeric

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 27, 2016 10:30:00 AM / by Dr. Isadora Guggenheim

Turmeric bath for Psoriasis

A recent study looked at the effects of starch-fortified turmeric baths for psoriasis. And the results were. . .

Simple. It worked by decreasing the area of psoriasis and the severity. Safe, effective and inexpensive. 

We are bolstering for "the storm of the century" this weekend in the Northeast. Don't buy bread, eggs and milk. Buy drums of turmeric and take a fabulous turmeric detox bath this weekend. 

I think this sounds great. Most patients who travel long distances for our I.V. ozone treatments have re-scheduled for next week. I'll be making a steaming pot of ginger carrot soup. 

This week some of our I.V. ozone patients received 750 ml of life-saving ozone to turn around chronic conditions like: Lyme, cancer, herpes and autoimmune conditions. 

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Did I mention that Dr. E. who I work with got certified to prescribe medical marijuana in NYS. The state is only allowing 6 dispensaries to be certified in NYS. We will be looking to partner with a reputable consumer friendly and law-abiding dispensary so that patients who meet state requirements will have access to high quality medical marijuana for pain management, cancer, epilepsy, IBS, glaucoma, Lupus, MS and more. 

Winter will let you know through special posts when everything is in place. This is not recreational, you can't get high and it is only for medical use. Email us or call to get on our list. 

Stay safe and warm and don't forget to check on your neighbors. 






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