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[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 24, 2021 9:02:00 AM / by Dr. Isadora Guggenheim

Hi Doc, 
          I am 69 years old male, based in the Philippines.   I don't drink wine or, smoke. Lived a healthy life style. Do regular exercise. Eat Quaker oats every morning.  Minimize eating of sweets.   Don't drink soft drinks or sodas or coffee.
I had bladder cancer in 2019. My urologist wanted to perform Radical Cystectomy.  I refused and  opted to underwent 4 chemo  & 30 radiation sessions during last quarter of 2019.. By early 2020,  my cancer tumor was gone.   
          To prevent cancer from coming back, in august of 2020 I had Vitamin C IV of 30 grams once a month,  drink vegetable juice (6 types of vegetables) daily,  sunlight exposure of 15 to 30 minutes almost daily. 
          In June of 2020,    I started seeing some blood in my urine.  my doctor suspected the blood was  due to side effect of radiation Cystitis.  
          I did a Urine Cytology in  January 2021.  the lab result confirmed it is not tumor.   But in July 2021,  I noticed that my urine is showing significant blood.  I did another urine cytology.  The lab  result: Atypical Urothelial cells Present.   Meaning, the tumor came back. 
        Upon further research, I read two articles (1) Fankincense oil for bladder cancer, by Dr. Isadora Guggenheim (2) Frankincense oil derived from Boswellia carteri  which induces tumor cell specific Cytotoxicity, Pubmed 19296830.  Rather than having radical Cystectomy, I choose to use alternative medicine. 
         In June, I was continuing my Vitamin C IV (twice a month at 30 grams each) and daily vegetable juicing. I then started mixing 2 part virgin coconut oil with 1 part Frankincense oil.  And rub the mixture on my abdomen, where the bladder is located.  I did this procedure almost every hour,  10 to 14 times a day.  I consumed 3 bottles of (15 ml) Doterra Frankincense oil in 12 days.   On the 13th Day,  my urine output was CLEAR. No more traces of blood in my urine.   I will do another Urine Cytology next month to verify my finding.   I  occasionally see small trace of  blood and dried blood in my urine,  But it could be due to my Radiation Cystitis.  I am writing this letter to share my experiences of using Frankincense oil to cure my Bladder Cancer.  Feel free to share this letter to your friends.     
        I would like to thank you for your article on Frankincense and Bladder cancer.   Otherwise,  I would not have tried this natural cure.    
Eric Gotamco

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