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[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 11, 2017 5:00:00 AM / by Dr. Isadora Guggenheim

"It's not just a number."

Most Western doctors fixate on the numbers and while that is important as a unit of measure it is not the whole story.  There are several variables that go into the hypertensive mix.  This was on my mind today because I saw a follow-up patient who originally came in with hypertension.  We looked at his diet, amount and kind of exercise, genetics, gender, time of year, stress levels, quality of sleep and daily bowel movements.  Initially, I recommended a few nutraceuticals, a grain-free diet for 21 days, an increase in fresh fruits and vegetables, elimination of sugar, meditation, and 45 minutes of exercise 3 times per week.

FYI - Eating a plant-based diet is on par with the low sodium DASH diet.  This means that patients with high blood pressure should make dietary changes first as a nonpharmacologic means to reverse their condition. Unlike drugs, you can start this now and there is no additional cost not to mention that you will lose weight, lower cholesterol and potentially have better blood sugar control.  

Three weeks later, this patient came in with renewed energy, a six pound weight-loss and the desire to continue to be grain-free, dairy-free and sugar-free for the next seven months.  He has lost more weight before with other programs quickly only to gain it back when the protocol ended.  Now he is making changes to support his long-term benefits.  At lunchtime he is walking up a hill and back down to comply with his midday exercise regimen.  He joined a local gym to start Cross-Fit training.  He is beginning to take control of the variables that he can and let go of the others.  I took his blood pressure and the reading was 120/70. Absolutely perfect. Change can happen and even more exciting is that this is a permanent change because this patient was an active part of his process.  I chose to practice naturopathic medicine as it empowers the patient to be authentic, in charge and make incremental and permanent lifestyle changes.

The beauty of this kind of change is that it is real.  Americans are on 10 plus medicines by the time they're 70 and the interactions of these medications create side effects that reach overwhelming proportions of new and dangerous conditions.  Blood pressure meds increase the risk of falls.  You might lower the numbers in the short run, but whatever you gain becomes eroded by what you lose with falling blood pressure.  Falls increase morbidity into the stratosphere.  

Second Nature patients with hypertension take Xymogen's N.O.max ER a precursor of nitric oxide, needed for healthy blood pressure and vessel maintenance.  HTN Complex is taken with Arginine to address different mechanisms of high blood pressure. Hawthorne and Pomegranate extracts contribute to high anti-oxidant levels in this formula to protect the heart.  If you don't like capsules I recommend Xymogen's AngiNox in a pleasant tasting effervescent drink.  

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