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Breakthroughs in Alzheimer's Research - I.V. Ozone, Ozone Chelation, Heavy Metal Detox

[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 3, 2018 5:00:00 AM / by Winter Ninivaggi

Alzheimer's accounts for 60% to 80% of dementia cases.

The disease often starts with memory lapses and then loss but, over time many other mental functions are affected and interfere with most daily functions to the point of being completely non-functional. There is currently no known cure for the deadly disease. Until now . . . .

Ozone is being studied to prevent and treat Alzheimer's and dementia. 

The Alzheimer’s Association lists 10 early signs and symptoms:

  • Memory loss that disrupts daily life
  • Challenges in planning or solving problems
  • Difficulty completing familiar tasks at home, at work or at leisure
  • Confusion with time or place
  • Trouble understanding visual images and spatial relationships
  • New problems with words in speaking or writing
  • Misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps
  • Decreased or poor judgement
  • Withdrawal from work or social activities
  • Changes in mood and personality

For the past decade, researchers have thought the cause of Alzheimer's to be associated with a build up of plaque around the brain cells and what scientists referred to as "tangles" within the neurons. While examination has shown that Alzheimer's patients exhibit both of these conditions the cause of the plaque remains unknown and to find a cure a cause must be found. 

Tangles could be a result of hardening of the vessels and neurons due to viruses and heavy metal toxicity. EBV, HH-6, aluminum and lead are a few variables that we look at with Alzheimer's and dementia. Blood sugar dysregulation is one of the biggest associative causes.

Alzheimer's has been associated with high levels of aluminum and even artificial sweeteners like aspartame but there still isn't enough concrete evidence to find a cure. Though there may be a huge breakthrough in identifying a cause.  If the researchers are correct this may lead to a cure or at least something to prolong the damaging affects of the disease, improve the quality of life and extend lives. “A worldwide team of senior scientists and clinicians have come together to produce an editorial which indicates that certain microbes – a specific virus and two specific types of bacteria – are major causes of Alzheimer’s Disease. Their paper, which has been published online in the highly regarded peer-reviewed journal, Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, stresses the urgent need for further research – and more importantly, for clinical trials of anti-microbial and related agents to treat the disease.” Professor Douglas Kell, with The University of Manchester’s School of Chemistry and Manchester Institute of Biotechnology said there is an association with iron, found in all red blood cells, and the microbes suspected as causing Alzheimer’s. He explained: “We are saying there is incontrovertible evidence that Alzheimer’s Disease has a dormant microbial component, and that this can be woken up by iron dysregulation. Removing this iron will slow down or prevent cognitive degeneration – we can’t keep ignoring all of the evidence.” (HealthyLifeStyleArena)

When our patients have high ferritin or long-term iron stores - we have them do I.V. Ozone treatments and we dump the last pass of 250ml of blood to physically reduce their iron stores and cholesterol/triglycerides. This is an accepted practice in Japan for high ferritin, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

If proven to be true, this could have an impact on blood transfusions, especially those involving the red blood cells. The mircrobial presence in blood may also play a causitive role in systemic inflammation, another characteristic of Alzheimer's, particularly the bacterial cell wall component, endotoxin and lipopolysaccharide.  There is also evidence that this can cause neuroinflammation and amyloid-β plaque formation.

We recognize elevated heavy metals that cross the blood brain barrier as risk factors for Alzheimer disease. We test and treat heavy metal toxicity with I.V. ozone chelation therapy. It's safe, effective, advanced treatment that prevents further damage. All ozone therapies are MD/NP ordered.  Better Brain Health can be achieved with dietary changes, exercises, drinking plenty of water, and our Better Brain Health I.V. therapies. We can help you reverse your "Broken Brain".

Xymogen's NeuroActive Brain Sustain, Chelex and AlaMax Protect are all good choices to protect your brain while Cardio Essentials and CoQmax Ubiquinol are the best alternative choices to statins.

Check out our Menu of Services to see what options we have for your condition.

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Winter Ninivaggi

Written by Winter Ninivaggi

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