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Leaky Gut and Breast Cancer

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 9, 2020 2:30:00 PM / by Isadora Guggenheim

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Find out how breast cancer begins in your gut and how you can reduce your risk.

Researchers found that the composition and diversity of your gut bacteria was associated with predictive patterns of estrogen metabolism that increased the risk of breast cancer in postmenopausal women.  We all benefit from diversity in our lives.  We need diverse gut bacteria to break down excess estrogens. Too much estrogen or the wrong kind of estrogen is linked to breast cancer. There are three main types of estrogen: estriol, estradiol and estrone. Estrogen is made in our ovaries, liver, breast, adrenal glands and placenta. Estriol is made by the placenta in pregnancy, estrone is made in all areas and estradiol is made in the ovaries and is the main form of the hormone that regulates the menstrual cycle.  

What am I talking about?  

After you make estrogen you metabolize it in the liver and other tissues. Small fragments are excreted in the urine or flow through the bile and into the gut. Gut bacteria break down these metabolites and allow them to be reabsorbed into the bloodstream where they are recycled through a "second pass" in the liver. If you have a diverse gut bacteria population then estrogens can be broken down more efficiently and less is recycled through the "second pass" which lowers your risk of breast cancer.  

We offer non-invasive urine testing to predict your estrogen ratios and predisposition for breast cancer and we offer a comprehensive stool profile to get a good look at your gut bacteria diversity.

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If you have a group of six people or more I will come to speak at your place about breast cancer prevention and show attendees therapeutic breast massage with Weleda's Wild Rose oil to reduce the risk of breast cancer.  Click to Connect with Dr. G

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Written by Isadora Guggenheim

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