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Broccoli_sprouts improve core symptoms of autism and prevent cancers - Naturopathic Medicine - Nutrition

Broccoli sprouts are fun to add to any sandwich or salad. You'll want a daily dose because they improve symptoms of autism spectrum disorder and prevent several cancer cell lines.  What's the secret ingredient? Sulforaphane.  

Naturopathic medicine is clinical nutrition for cancer prevention.  

Sulforaphane is an active compound in broccoli sprouts and recently it was in a small randonmized pilot study of boys and men with autism.  46% of the study's participants who got broccoli sprout extract had improved social interactions and improved verbal communication after 18 weeks of treatment. Over half of the participants had a decrease in abnormal behaviors with less irrritability, hyperactivity and repetitive movements.  These behaviors did return after the treatment was stopped.  You can take broccoli sprout extract everyday and never miss a dose.  

Second Nature patients take standardized broccoli sprout extract Xymogen's OncoPlex ES every day to prevent cancers.   

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Broccoli supplements prevent several cancers Naturopathic Medicine - Food is medicine Nutrition

Broccoli sprouts have been well studied because of their antioxidant and anticancer properties.  Rich in gluconsinolate, glucoraphanin which generates the chemoprotective sulforaphane that induces glutathione - major antioxidant in all cells.  Sulforaphane has been studied against human stomach cancer cells, bladder cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer and even protected against airborne pollutants associated with lung cancer and cardiopulmonary diseases.  Participants in a Chinese broccoli sprout beverage study excreted more benzene and acrolein than in the placebo group.

Sulforaphane works on cancer stem cells that initiate and maintain cancer.  CSC's contribute to recurrence and drug resistance.  Sulforaphane targets cancer stem cells in different types of cancer by inducing detoxification enzymes.  Sulforaphane is compatible with chemotherapy.  Cooking cruciferous vegetables does reduce the concentrations of glucosinolates and isothiocyanates, but the reduced concentrations were still able to activate the detoxification enzymes in the body and in cell cultures.   

We have great cancer care protocols with or without chemo at Second Nature.  Our protocols include Chemo Clean Up on a cellular level.  

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