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Covid Vaccine Mandates and Your Future Health - Time To Detox

[fa icon="calendar'] Nov 9, 2021 7:10:43 AM / by Dr. Isadora Guggenheim

Covid is real. People have died of Covid. We are between a rock and a hard place. There can be more Covid variants to come over the next 3 years. This is our "new normal."

We know that many of you were forced to get a mandated vaccine to keep your employment or for school or for travel.

Most of you were vaccine hesitant and some were vaccine aggressive with good reason because of certain side effects from both Covid  - blood clots, myocarditis, neuropathies, reactivation of previous diseases Lyme and co-infections, autoimmune diseases, and other existing vulnerabilities, cognitive effects, elevated inflammatory markers CRP, ESR, Interleukin 6, CD4, CD25, CD8, CD38, ferritin, D-Dimer, HgA1c, eosinophils, high and low neutrophils and lymphocytes, anti-cardiolipin antibodies, cardiolipin antibodies and B glycoprotein to name a few. 

Did I mention we run comprehensive blood labs covered by insurance?

We hear you. You don't want Covid and You don't want the vaccine, but You did not have a Choice.

Here at Second Nature - you do have a choice to take back your health. We do not discriminate whether you got the vaccine by choice or by mandate or if you chose to wait and not get the vaccine. 

For those who had Covid and have long hauler syndrome, we have I.V. Ozone treatments, biologics and Peptides which have been successful at reversing chronic disease.  Average treatment time is between 1-3 sessions. 

For those who want to prevent Covid - we created strategic nutraceutical and I.V. therapy protocols individualized for you. We are partnered with a legitimate pharmacy for preventive care.  

For those who were mandated to get vaxed for their job - we have a solid combination of I.V. Ozone, Glutathione and specialized Peptides to offset negative side effects from the mRNA vaccines.  If you feel that your chemistry changed post vax  or post Covid - you need to schedule a treatment with us. We are even dropping our initial consult fee to make it more accessible financially. 


We are offering a free short consult and same day treatment to address your post vax concerns. We can create a 3 session package deal if that works for you or you can schedule one session at a time. 

We are here for you even if you feel alone, are angry about your situation, are confused or have legitimate health concerns post vax. Call us 845 358-8385 and let us help you regain your baseline of health. 

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