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Cyclists - Weekend Hours - Prolozone and Ozone

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 12, 2015 10:00:00 AM / by Dr. Isadora Guggenheim

Prolozone and ozone therapy - Second Nature Care

Stay ahead of the pack with prolozone therapy for your injuries and I.V. ozone therapy to enhance your sports performance.  

About 5000 cyclists pass through my area every weekend during the season and we are ready at Second Nature.  We have different injection formulas for large joint injuries that give immediate pain relief.  Our treatment regenerates damaged tissue.  

Take your cycling break in Piermont and take advantage of our legal sports enhancements. Use what the pro's use - ozone therapy and stay ahead of the pack.  

You can rejuvenate with I.V. ozone drips and do ozone inhalation at the same time.  We can even give you a Meyer's cocktail push at the end of your drip or make a custom formula specific for your condition. You will be amazed at your energy levels once your cells are pumped with ozone.  No hill will be too steep for you. 

And before we use our safe and effective formulas, we take your vitals.  I take pulse oximetry measurements before and after treatment and the results are amazing. If you're pulse ox is below 95 you'll see it shoot up to 99% post treatment.  It's not a quick fix; the results last for days. 

The best news is that we will have weekend hours on Sat. and Sunday.  Dr. Enzenbacher and I will be taking patients all day.  You need to call in advance because we book up early.  Email or call to book.

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Dr. Enzenbacher and Nurse Guggenheim. look forward to seeing you.  Let the cycling season begin.  You will have your best season ever because of prolozone and ozone therapies. Share this post with your cycling friends and local bike shops. 

*All Ozone and Prolozone Therapies are MD ordered and supervised in NY state.

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