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Dementia or Diabetes? Total body burden

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 28, 2014 9:00:00 AM / by Dr. Isadora Guggenheim

all kinds of sugar are linked to diabetes which causes dementia

There was a recent article in the NY Times about older Americans being misdiagnosed with dementia when they really have diabetes.  Diabetes causes dementia.  Diabetes causes damage and complications in every organ system. 

As a practitioner, I used to think it was simple.  If you have pre-diabetes or diabetes then just cut out sugar. End of story.  Over the last 15 years and in the last 15 minutes I realize my clinical arrogance needs to be examined.  It's not so easy.

I have a new patient, a sixty three year old male, who is diagnosed with diabetes and on daily insulin.  He is a hard worker and is involved in the largest public works project in this country.  You might guess that it's the Tappan Zee Bridge.  He is careful about his food choices, sees his diabetes doctor regularly and tries to exercise.  He buys everything "sugar free" and everything is packaged for convenience because he works 15 hours per day on the mightly Hudson River.  

When I got a closer look at his diet a blurry picture came into focus.  Sugar-free jello, sugar-free pudding snacks, lunchables, processed cheese sticks, diet coke, BJ size boxes of Splenda, sugar-free ketchup, reduced calorie bread, cold cuts, a tub of Helman's mayonnaise, Tyson breaded chicken nuggets, Land O Lakes butter with canola oil, Jolly Green Giant brussel sprouts in butter sauce flash frozen in plastic bags, and a slew of other assorted prepared foods that can be microwaved at a moment's notice are his staples.

When you work 15 hours per day what would you do?  Most would come home like my patient and take a much needed shower, heat up some grub and go to bed.  The working life has changed our relationship to food and how we nourish ourselves.  Yes, we can now buy gluten-free, dairy-free organic prepackaged foods and is that better? I don't think that they will allow an industrial juicer on the barge or tugboat so that workers can have fabulous nutrient rich organic juices.  

I check your blood sugar levels with several markers so you won't slip through the biochemical cracks.  

Order Xymogen

I recommend Xymogen's OptiMetabolix capsules and fast-acting shakes to stabilize blood sugar levels. Daily exercise is a must for everyone to stimulate the insulin receptors and improve the intestinal microbiome.  I recommend a domestic partner called the slow cooker for those who have limited time. Protein, veggies, spices and liquid can be added to your slow cooker.  It cooks while you sleep.  You can make a potful of cooked foods every night for the next day.  It's easy to supplement with a fresh salad.  Eat nuts which have been proven to improve metabolic markers in both pre-diabetic and diabetic patients.  

I mention Total Body Burden in the title because elevated lead levels in blood and tissue storage are linked to diabetes and obesity.  Get your heavy metals checked today.  We are your Detox experts.  

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