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Diabetes and Fresh Fruit - I.V. Ozone, Momordica and Nutraceuticals

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 12, 2017 9:27:37 PM / by Winter Ninivaggi

Eating fruit to lower your risk of diabetesEating fresh fruit everyday was linked with a lower risk for diabetes and diabetes-related vascular complications in a Chinese epidemiological study that included a half a million people. China does offer some fascinating studies about dietary impact and disease. Remember the China Study that showed the link between ingesting animal proteins and cancer?

Everyone wants to know if eating fruit causes blood sugar dysregulation and or diabetes.

Real fruit is fine.

The study found that among individuals without diabetes at baseline, daily fruit consumption was associated with a 12% lower risk of getting diabetes compared to never or rarely eating it.

Among the individuals with diabetes at baseline, eating 100 grams of fresh fruit per day was associated with lower-risk of all cause mortality, microvascular complications and macro-vascular complications. The findings suggest that fresh fruit consumption is potentially beneficial for primary and secondary prevention of diabetes. The researchers also theorize that the strong association found in this study is due to the focus on fresh fruit, without use of processed fruit or fruit juice as a substitute, there is also a generally low level of fruit consumption among Chinese people.

This should motivate patients with diabetes or at risk diabetes to eat 1-3 servings of fresh fruit each day as it could decrease the risk of developing diabetes or life threatening complications from diabetes.

I just scored some wonderful organic blackberries and strawberries at Trader Joe's yesterday. I love blackberries in my Xymogen OptiCleanse GHI Sugar and Stevia Free protein shake.

Fruit is a good source of dietary fiber, minerals and antioxidants that may work synergistically to confer several benefits on metabolism, including anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative, anti-platelet, anti-hypertensive, anti-dyslipidemic, anti-hyperglycemic and antiatherogenic effects. The natural sugars may not be metabolized in the same way as refined sugars. Processed sugar modulates the composition and metabolic activity of the gut microbiota.

Of course, if you have SIBO or yeast overgrowth or another condition where you need to omit or limit fruit then do so.

If you want calorie restriction and high levels of protein, you can make a great protein shake for breakfast and lunch with Xymogen's OptiCleanse GHI Sugar and Stevia free or OptiMetaboliX 2:1 OptiMetabolix 2:1 offers the best blood sugar regulation. Chai, Chocolate, Vanilla Delight and Chocolate Mint are delicious flavors that everyone loves. Keep a blender handy at work or home and you can whip up a protein shake that will balance your blood sugar all day long. Add 1/4 to 1/2 cup of fresh fruit into your shake.

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One of our new patients this week is being treated for diabetic retinopathy. It is a 3 pass MAH treatment with specific biologics to stop the progression of disease in his eyes. We'll do two treatments per week for six weeks. We also have several cases of macular degeneration with success. You've probably seen our UTube video of our case using ozone to erradicate the herpes virus in the eye. 

One of the best treatments is ozone chelation. Both therapies been shown to reverse Type II diabetes. Chelation removes heavy metals that cause cardiovascular disease and free radical activity. Ozone kills pathogens that damages organ systems including the pancreas. The National Institutes of Health TACT Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy showed that 37% of patients with diabetes out of a total of 1700 patients had a 41% reduction in cardiac events, 52% drop in recurrent myocardial infarctions and 43% reduction of deaths. Chelation should become mainstream treatment for Type II diabetes. We have specialized medicines to stabilize blood sugar regulation that can be added to your treatment. Momordica, Leptandra, Chelidonium are a few injectables to mention.

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