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Diagnosing and Treating Chronic Prostatitis - I.V. Ozone and Ozone Injections

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Are you living with chronic prostatitis?

Chronic Prostatitis is a common yet under-recognized and poorly researched entity that addresses a spectrum of disease in men.  It includes: interstitial cystitis, (a condition formerly known to occur largely in women until men were examined and found to have it at similar rates) Chronic pelvic floor hypertonicity and non-inflammatory and neuropathic chronic pain syndromes affecting the pelvis and prostate.

We have treated several younger men with chronic prostatitis that were non-bacterial and inflammatory. We did 10 pass MAH Ozone with specific German Biologics for successful treatment. One of our patients received ozone injections into the affected area from his doctor in New Mexico for complete relief. I.V. Ozone is a good treatment choice for chronic prostatitis along with dietary changes, a few natural anti-inflammatories, probiotics and prostate specific nutraceuticals.

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The incidence of chronic prostatitis is approximately equal to that of type 2 diabetes and ischemic heart disease in men over the age of 30. 

The National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases categorizes prostatitis as acute or chronic, bacterial and non-bacterial, inflammatory and non-inflammatory, but it goes beyond these simple categories and does not say anything about etiology.

Many patients who who have bacteria in their urine or semen samples are not simply cured by prescription antibiotics. There is also evidence that antibiotics can actually cause prostatitis because they are damaging normal urethral and gut flora. 

The most common cause of chronic prostatitis can ultimately be traced to increased intestinal permeability of the urothelium. There is ample evidence of increased urothelial permeability as a pathologic factor in chronic prostatitis and IC including finding that prostate stones are made of urine elements.  Once the urothelium is hyperpermeable even normally benign substances like potassium and uric acid can pass into the prostate tissue and bladder wall, triggering inflammation and unmyelinated C fibers and thus neuropathic pain.

As with many other health conditions, chronic prostatitis originates in the gut. Leaky gut allows non- or partially digested food and/or gut flora molecules to cross the basement membrane and be seen by the gut associated immune cells. These immune cells are then triggered and migrate elsewhere in the body, stirring up other reactions. In the case of chronic prostatitis, they migrate to the urothelium, however in other people they may cause migraines , GERD, cholecystitis, rheumatoid arthritis, or various other syndromes.

It is important to use appropriate testing, and to see through the problems with the old way of thinking about chronic prostatitis and relentlessly asking "why" chronic prostatitis happens. Trying to address the root causes rather then indefinitely suppressing symptoms a cure can be found for a substantial amount of patients.

Study after study proves the significance of protecting and preserving your intestinal microbiome. We know that probiotics reduce the risk of catching a common cold and other viruses.  Probiotics affect behavior and reduce depression in psychiatric patients by altering the regulation of inflammatory responses.  Probiotics promote healthy colonization, support gut integrity and inhibit inflammatory molecules from entering the bloodstream which lead to Type II diabetes, glucose intolerance and obesity.  Probiotics reduce leptin hormone levels associated with breast cancer.   

All of this prompted me to create GOOD GUT products.  GOOD GUT Probiotics + immune, GOOD GUT Repair and GOOD GUT Detox.  GOOD GUT Probiotics contains colostrum which is the only proven ingredient in human and animal studies to prevent and heal leaky gut.  It contains antibodies, immunoglobulins and growth factors needed to heal the gut lining.  It provides nutrition and hormones for cell repair and is effective against a wide range of pathogens.  It kills pathogens by destroying their cell membranes and competes for binding on the intestinal wall.  

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