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Dirty Genes and Your Risk of Alzheimer's - I.V. Ozone, Ozone Chelation & Biologics

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Dirty genes predicts risk of Alzheimer's.

One of the most clear connections to Alzheimer's is the apoE4 gene. Researchers at the Gladstone Institute have taken a closer look at the protein encoded by this gene. How does it increase the risk of Alzheimer's and how can the damage be reversed?

There are three variations of the gene, apoE2,apoE3 and apoE4 and everyone carries two copies in various combinations. The most common being apoE3 which seems to have no influence on Alzheimer's risk, apoE4 is the culprit, present in up to 15% of people. (Irving, 2018) This gene can increase your risk up to 2-3 times and those who have two copies have about a 12 times more likely chance of developing Alzheimer's.

Because the genes only differ at one point, researchers set out to understand what problems apoE4 causes on the brain and if that point can be deleted.

" The team gathered skin cells from Alzheimer's patients with two apoE4 genes, as well as some from people with two apoE3 genes without Alzheimer's. These were converted into induced pluripotent stem cells and then turned into human neurons.
The team compared the neurons from the apoE3 and apoE4 donors and found that the latter didn't function as well as they should. This means the protein breaks down into fragments in the cells, over time, leading to the build-up of proteins in the brain that forms the calling card of Alzheimer's. " (Irving, 2018)

The researchers are now looking into using compounds that can turn apoE4 into apoE3. This could potentially restore function to neurons and effectively reverse signs of Alzheimer's.

Ozone therapy is a recognized anti-aging treatment that helps to lower blood pressure, improve micro-circulation and gets more oxygen to the brain. Ozone can cross the blood brain barrier to attack pathogens of all kinds which damage the neural glial cells.

We change your diet, create an exercise strategy and offer weekly treatments to improve cognition. Our patients with strong family history of Alzheimer's and dementia show definite and measurable improvement with short-term memory and cognition. We add in several biologics to combat brain injuries.

We recognize elevated heavy metals that cross the blood brain barrier as risk factors for Alzheimer disease. We test and treat heavy metal toxicity with I.V. ozone chelation therapy. It's safe, effective, advanced treatment that prevents further damage. All ozone and I.V. nutrient therapies are MD/NP ordered in NYS.

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Written by Winter Ninivaggi

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