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Don't Let Your Coffee Make you Fat - HCG, Natural Detox

[fa icon="calendar'] Nov 26, 2018 9:29:52 AM / by Winter Ninivaggi

If you aren't drinking it right, your coffee could be making you fat!

If this picture looks like your daily coffee, it could be making you fat!

All coffees are not created equally!  Coffee can be a great diet supplement, it gives you energy, suppresses your appetite and is a mild diuretic helping to rid the body of toxins. So how could this make you fat? 

The coffee itself making you fat it's your "order".  Coffee has come a long way from a simple cup with milk or a little sugar. There are hundreds of options for flavors, sugars, dairy and fancier drinks in general on the rise.  

"Demand for gourmet coffee, which includes espresso-based beverages and ready-to-drink, was steady relative to 2017 levels. The segment continued to get a boost from younger drinkers, with 48 percent of millennials saying they had a cup of coffee they consider to be gourmet the day before." ( 

That's right, almost 50% of millennials are choosing pre-made "gourmet"coffee drinks over just a simple "cup of Joe". I know I'm one of them, I stop at the nearest Dunkin Donuts every day and against my better judgment get myself a "coffee" filled with cream and flavor. Today was Pumpkin. It's easy to pretend you are doing a guilt free thing when it feels like you are just having a cup of coffee but a quick check of calorie count screams otherwise. Im going to use my coffee order for today:

Pumpkin Swirl Iced Coffee with Cream - Large  360 Calories  12g of Fat  40mg of Cholesterol 160g of Sodium  57g Carbohydrates 51g of Sugar

Here is another favorite,

Dunkin' Donuts Frozen Caramel Coffee Coolatta with Cream, 32 ounces: 1,050 calories, 52 grams fat, 130 grams sugar. This is over half of the recommended calorie intake of 2000 just at breakfast time, for one drink, and both contain more fat than should be consumed over the course of days. 

You are eating healthy, exercising and drinking lots of water but can't lose weight or are even gaining, ask yourself how you're coffee was this morning. If it looks like my order, that could be the reason. Try making a change to black coffee, if you cant stand it there are plenty of healthier dairy alternatives like organic hemp milk, almond milk or coconut milk. 

I'm going to make the switch to enjoying the coffee itself without the extras, lets do it together!  

If your coffee order isn't the issue and you are struggling to lose weight, head over to  Second Nature Care, we want to help!  

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Happy Weight Loss

All Coffees are not Created Equal

Coffee Gives You Life - Literally

Americans are drinking a daily cup of coffee at the highest level... (2018, March 17). Retrieved from

Americans are drinking a daily cup of coffee at the highest level... (2018, March 17). Retrieved from

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