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What's UP? Viagra ED Drug Linked to Melanoma

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 3, 2019 2:38:00 PM / by Isadora Guggenheim


Viagra is not all magic.

It can double your risk of melanoma. My health message today concerns all of the older men who use Viagra for erectile dysfunction because taking it doubles your risk of melanoma.

Forget about the earlier reports of sudden blindness; melanoma is worse.


Check for pigmented lesions with three or more features:

  • lesions bigger than 3 thumbnail widths
  • an asymmetric shape
  • irregular borders with colors ranging from tan to brown to black 

Viagra is a phosphodiesterase 5A PDG5A inhibitor which may promote melanin synthesis and melanoma development in individualas with a BRAF gene mutation. Cialis and Levitra are also PDG5A inhibitors, but they were not included in this study.  

Americans who are 65 years or older will increase from 12% in 2005 to 20% by 2030.  More Americans are taking erectile dysfunction products on a regular basis.Practitioners need to screen and check their patient's face, scalp, ears and neck for skin lesions especially if they are taking ED meds on a regular basis. Early diagnosis is better prognosis.

Viagra users tend to be 

  • Be older and obese
  • Have a history of severe and blistering sunburns
  • Be more likely to undergo physical examinations
  • Be exposed to less sunlight as adults

Is the risk worth it? I don't think so. Second Nature patients get a full work-up with blood baseline labs to detect any blood sugar issues or cardiovascular conditions related to ED. We partner with board-certified urologists who can perform specific procedures associated with erectile dysfunction. I can recommend supplements to correct erectile dysfunction. Don't jeopardize your health to improve your sex life. You can have a great sex life naturally.  

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Isadora Guggenheim

Written by Isadora Guggenheim

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