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Emotional Pain is Physical Pain

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 12, 2016 7:58:12 AM / by Winter Ninivaggi

Emotion Pain is Physical Pain

How you handle emotions could greatly effect your health.

New research on emotions and health has linked "stonewalling", or the refusal to cooperate as in marital confrontations, to back pain.

The study found that in those who exhibit rage and frustration during a marital argument have an increased risk of cardiovascular problems such as chest pain or high blood pressure. With those who "stonewall" or shut down emotionally there is a higher risk musculoskeletal ailments such as a bad back or stiff muscles.

The research article points out that although all negative emotions can harm physical health they do not always produce the same effects. By taking into account factors such as age, education, exercise, smoking, alcohol and caffeine consumption, the researchers were able to determine which emotions were linked to which specific ailments.

The study found that the negative health effects from these emotions most strongly correlated between those experiencing these emotions due to a marital issue, especially in husbands.

People who experience fits of rage, or who find themselves bottling up emotions should seek more productive ways of expressing their feelings before it begins to significantly impact their health.

Depression has also been long associated with physical pain. People with depression are about 60% more likely to have back pain in their life. The link is so closely related that the higher the severity of the depression, the more likely to develop the pain. This suggests that thousands of cases of back pain could be caused by a patient's depression. 

It is no secret that depression is associated with the gut. Eating foods with positive effects on your intestinal microbiome can provide great improvement in depression symptoms. 

We use I.V. ozone successfully for systemic pain and inflammation. I.V. Ozone with injectable Traumeel in the bag brings immediate relief to our patients. 

If you are suffering with depression we would be glad to help you find a diet and exercise plan that works for you and also help you get a "good gut". 

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Winter Ninivaggi

Written by Winter Ninivaggi

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