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Fight Obesity To Fight Cancer

[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 10, 2016 5:30:00 AM / by Winter Ninivaggi


Certain cancers are linked to excess body weight.

Cancers such as: stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, ovary, brain, thyroid and blood may all be related to excess body weight.

The risks are similar for both men and women and are more extensive then what had been previously assumed.

The research found that the higher the BMI the higher the individual's risk of cancer.

The risk may be related to the link between excess body weight and over production of estrogen, testosterone and insulin by the body, as well as, increased inflammatory processes.

This is concerning due to the fact that a full one-third of the United States population, adults and children, are obese.

You weight is a very important factor in many aspects of your health. Being at a healthy weight is way more than just looking and feeling good in your own skin.

If you are overweight and want to become healthy we can help. We can help to create a personalized nutrition and exercise plan that will work for you.

If you have a few extra pounds that you want to lose and are struggling with, check out the HCG diet plan. Our HCG is MD supervised and our HCG comes from an FDA approved lab.

There is a whole new you waiting to make their debut!

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Winter Ninivaggi

Written by Winter Ninivaggi

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