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Fighting for the Truth - Breast Cancer Myths Debunked! I.V. Ozone and More . . .

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 26, 2018 1:10:03 PM / by Isadora Guggenheim & Winter Ninivaggi


Fact or Fiction - The truth about breast cancer. 


There are many myths about breast cancer and being the number one cancer in women, it is important to know fact from fiction! Here are some of the most common myths about breast cancer heard from Dr. Kemper, MD, FACS and the Medical Directer of Breast and Women's Health Prevention Services at Montifiore Nyack Hospital and how Second Nature Care would respond to some these!

1. "There's nothing that I can do to decrease my risk of breast cancer."

MYTH - Stick with organic high quality plant-based oils - olive, safflower, sunflower, coconut, walnut, avocado, hazelnut, etc.  Use oils moderately.  Limit animal fats.  Animal fats are biochemical depot storage units for environmental toxins.  Chemicals and metals are stored in fat cells to protect our bodies and allow us to function. It is still recommended for women with dense fibrous breasts to take Omega-3's daily to reduce their breast cancer risk by 30%.  I recommend Xymogen's Omega 820 and Phosphaline 4:1 daily.

2. "Breast cancer is less of a risk after 70."

MYTH - It's the opposite, in fact, the risk of all cancers increases with age so continue maintaining preventative measures after 70. 

3. "Having a "breast cancer gene" such as BRCA1 or BRCA2 means I will definitely develop cancer."

MYTH  - No, you may be positive for certain oncogenes, but it does not mean that you will get cancer. There are many variables to this story. Just because you have some "dirty genes" does not mean that they will get turned on. I recommend Xymogen's Hormone Protect, DIMension 3, OncoPlex ES along with an organic higher plant-based diet, moderate exercise, good quality sleep and stress reduction. We recommend Poly MVA, Savestrol, Selenium, Pectasol, Melatonin and Iodine and Ketogenic Diets to support your body's innate healing ability.

3. "If I'm diagnosed with breast cancer I must have surgery immediately."

MYTH - Dr. Kempler says " Take the time to get a second opinion and to make sure that you have the right information about the type of treatment and the options that are best for you" 

Ozone therapies can be valuable adjunctive cancer care therapy and can be done in conjunction with chemo and radiation. Ozone therapy increases oxygen utilization allowing oxygen into every cell.  Cancer hates oxygen and ozone kills cancer cells. Ozone has been proven to reduce ROS or reactive oxygen species which cause the formation of free radicals. Ozone activates Nrf2 pathway for optimal antioxidant production and biological detoxification. Patients can choose to do a series of I.V. ozonated saline treatments and glutathione on alternate days. Glutathione is a powerful anti-oxidant that kills cancer cells.

We offer all standard kinds of ozone plus more.  Patients undergoing treatment are advised about clinical nutrition, cancer-fighting oral nutraceuticals, hydrotherapy and homeopathy.

We offer high dose MAH major autohemotherapy, vaginal, rectal and bladder insufflations, limb bagging, add-ons including: glutathione, Vitamin C  - low, moderate and high dose, homeopathic nosodes specific for breast cancer and other cancers too.

Our I.V. ozone therapy is highly effective as we can deliver up to 2500 ml of ozone safely at different gamma ranges from 20 to 78.

We offer white and red ozone treatments. We begin with 250 ml of ozonated saline loaded with individualized homeopathic injectables followed by blood drawing with heparin and finally ozonating the patient's drawn blood.

Treatments take about an hour. Patients can receive ozone inhalation because diseases and medicines cross the blood brain barrier. Full Service. 

We follow all American Academy of Ozone Therapy guidelines. All patient must go through an intake and be seen by our doctors or nurse practitioners before they receive I.V. therapies. We can order advanced labs to get a better picture on "why you have cancer".

Cancer is a systemic disease tat requires I.V. therapies for systemic effect. You don't have to go to Germany or Mexico for treatment. We are right here. This saves time and money.  

Don't forget. Men get breast cancer too! We are all exposed to endocrine-disrupting chemicals daily which turn cancer cells on. We help both men and women prevent cancer. 

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