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Football and Brain Injury - I.V. Ozone and Better Brain Nutrients

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Former New York Jets star recently opened up about the dangers of the game.

I know it's Super Bowl Sunday and everyone has their SuperBowl parties planned. Let's also celebrate awareness of brain injuries and domestic violence as Super Bowl Sunday features these unique components. Head bashing on the field and unfortunately at home. Super Bowl Sunday is the highest rate of domestic violence for the whole year. 

Enjoy your team, the commercials, drink and eat moderately so you can work on post-SuperBowl Monday. This is the highest rate of calling in sick by males than any other day of the year.

Football has the highest injury rate of any team sport. Players and fans are asking, "Is it worth it?"

Mark Gastineau, 60 years old, was diagnosed with dementia, Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's last year. He disclosed this during an interview during a radio interview Thursday night with Pete McCarthy on 710 WOR Radio in New York.

"It's disturbing," Gastineau said. "But it's disturbing to the point where I want to get out and I want to help other youths and help other people coming into the game. Right now, I'm able to do it."

He believes that his issues are largely related to his playing style of roughly taking down quarterbacks. He wants other players to understands the risks and to be protected the best way they can.

Gastineau was promoting USA Football's Heads Up Football program, which focuses on making the game safer. The former defensive end says the techniques the program teaches could have helped prevent his health issues.

"I want it to be a warning to mothers and fathers to be able to put their kids in safe places," he said, "to be able to carry on a team sport that I think is going to be way far more beneficial for them than if they didn't have that in their lives."

Although advocating for a safer game he confirmed he has no regrets. "I am so happy that I went through the times, the trials and things that I went through in the NFL," Gastineau said. "I wouldn't trade them for anything."

There has been wide coverage in the media recently about the dangers of tackle foot ball for children. Children especially under 14 are not fully developed.  This opens them up for a greater risk of head and brain injures. Kids are often faced with an increased risk of developing memory and thinking problems in middle age.

We have both oral and I.V. therapies for Better Brain Chemistry and assisting the brain to heal after injuries. Loaded with precursors for your neurotransmitters or brain chemicals our I.V. therapy brings you back into balance quickly. If you have short-term memory loss or mood fluctuations or a diagnosed brain injury - you may want to know about correcting these issues before a permanent injury takes hold. One of our Gerrman remedies is excellent at eliminating brain fog. This is also useful for patients with Lyme and other infections that cross the blood-brain barrier.

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