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Gluten Free Fall Festivities

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 2, 2017 5:00:00 AM / by Winter Ninivaggi

It's finally starting to feel like autumn.

After a long hot September it's finally starting to feel like fall. Time to enjoy the cooler weather and all the activities that come along with fall in New York.

Pumpkin and apple picking, Oktoberfest, haunted houses or just enjoying the beautiful weather and leaves changing. These are all fall favorites for most people, but how do you turn down freshly baked pumpkin pie or a tall cold beer at Oktoberfest when you are gluten-free?

Very easily! There are plenty or freshly baked, pumpkin spice and cold brew gluten-free options.

For a delicious, gluten-free pumpkin pie to make with your freshly picked pumpkin check out this Betty Crocker recipe Of course, there are Paleo recipes and adapted recipes for those who are grain-free. Take the plunge. Life begins after gluten and it gets better when you're grain-free.

Went apple picking? No problem, here's a great one for a gluten-free apple crumble!

If you make your way to an Oktoberfest keep your eye out for gluten-free ales. But your best bet are ciders. Crisp, delicious and gluten free beer? What could be better than that? 

It's Winter. If you've read any of my other blogs about gluten you know I'm gluten-intolerant. Cracking under the pressure and eating gluten is always filled with regret and belly aches. The best way for me is to always be ahead of the game and know what the gluten free options are.

Stay gluten-free this fall! There is life after gluten, and it's wonderful!

If you think you might be living with a gluten sensitivity or Celiac go see Dr. G. She understands that your allergies and sensitivities to gluten are real and will work with you and test for true food allergies and sensitivities and help you make your next step! We offer ALCAT food sensitivity testing that has been published in a leading gastrointestinal journal.

Stop feeling sick all the time, go see Dr.G !

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Winter Ninivaggi

Written by Winter Ninivaggi

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