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Gut Health for Acne Treatment - I.V. Ozone, Ozone Injections and German Biologics

[fa icon="calendar'] Nov 30, 2017 10:49:05 PM / by Isadora Guggenheim

Your Skin and Your Gut. Your gut signals your skin.


Just had a patient with chronic Lyme and chronic cystic acne today. Because of all of the antibiotics she did - her skin is erupting with some pretty serious skin lesions.

Have you thought about starting acne treatment in the gut? Health starts in the gut, even skin health. Studies are optimistic about the use of probiotics in the clinical improvement of atopic dermatitis. They found that nutritional supplementation with probiotics was shown to improve AD symptomatology, quality of life or clinical severity in the majority of studies. Studies have even found probiotics beneficial in the treatment of psoriasis.

I highly recommend Xymogen's Ig26 DF, ProbioMax 350 DF and HistDao to repair the gut and get rid of your leaky gut once and for all.

Rosacea is triggered by a variety of factors, such as low hydrochloric acid, diet and GI disorders. SIBO treatment has been shown in previous studies to also treat rosacea. Patients with rosacea often have significantly higher SIBO prevalence than non-rosacea patients and in the majority of these patients eradication of SIBO can significantly reduce rosacea.

Second Nature patients follow the GOOD GUT protocol and use Xymogen's VegaPro protein mix with zero carbs and add in OptiFiber SCFA to increase short chain fatty acids.

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