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H. Pylori Infection - What are the Symptoms? I.V. Ozone and Mastica

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 11, 2018 1:17:00 PM / by Dr. Isadora Guggenheim

The major cause of treatment failure for H. pylori infections is antibiotic resistance.


Did you know H. pylori is associated with obesity?

Every week one or more of my patients tests positive for Helicobacter pylori infection. They usually suffer with distention, foul gas, belching, funky stool, anxiety, thyroid fluctuations, air hunger, low energy and have taken several courses of antibiotics over their lifetime and even for a previous H. pylori infection.

A multicenter study from April 2008 to June 2009 in 18 European countries looked at antibiotic resistance rates of H. pylori and found that resistance to clarithromycin should exclude its clinical use in standard anti-H. pylori treatments. Clarithromycin resistance was much higher in children. Being over 50 years of age was associated with levofloxacin resistance and being a resident in Central of Southern Europe vs. Northern Europe.

Increasing resistance to levofloxacin in several European countries is of concern and continues to be documented. Women were more resistant to metronidazole. I’m sure that blood type, ethnicity, race, genetic differences, H. pylori strains, biochemical and geographical terrain all played a part in the results.

We need more effective treatment options and we have them at Second Nature.

Second Nature patients who are positive for H. pylori take GastroMend-HP from DFH which has proved to be effective against H. pylori infection. For good measure, they support their G.I. tract with Gi Microb-X from DFH to catch any co-infections or pathogenic accomplices. Everyone takes ProbioMax DF from XYMOGEN to get a four strain hundred billion probiotic per capsule. We have specialized homeopathic remedies for H. Pylori.  We get results.  Once the infection is resolved we take added measures using cellular drainage protocols so you won’t be a good host for another infection.  

Ozone therapy kills H. Pylori and other bugs that bug you. I.V. Ozone with German Biologics is a natural alternative to erradicate H. Pylori without using antibiotics. All I.V. therapies are MD ordered and RN administered.

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H. Pylori and Obesity

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