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Happy and Healthy Chap - Immune Support for All

[fa icon="calendar'] Nov 29, 2020 2:46:36 PM / by Dr. Isadora Guggenheim

I called a patient yesterday and she reminded me that I have been dark on the web for awhile. There are many reasons. 1. I was working overtime to see all of the patients that needed assistance. 2. Several members of my international ozone group got ominous letters from the FTC/FDA about their ozone therapy posts regarding successful ozone treatments in other countries - yes discrimination/oppression is alive and well in Amerika 3. I decided to sleep to protect my health instead of writing blogs at 2 am. 

I am enjoying my beautiful grandson who was born during the pandemic. As you can see, he has a bubbly personality. 

There you have it. I am recharged thanks to sleep, immune support which you will not hear about on any media outlet and injectable peptides (Thymosin alpha) - I am back. 

We have successfully treated several patients with viral loads of all kinds. We are 100 % successful with EBV. For newer viruses, the sooner you get I.V. Ozone; the better.

Viruses can be knocked out in 1-3 sessions. 

Learn About Ozone

Everyone needs immune support now before we go further into the regular flu season. Here is my list of recommendations: All from  

Order Xymogen

Passcode: SECOND NATURE (case and space sensitive)

Practitioner: GUGGENHEIM (case sensitive)  

Any difficulties call 1 800 647-6100

Immunotix 500 - 2 caps per day with food

Xcellent A - 3000 - 2 caps three times per day at onset of illness 

Viragraphis - 2 caps twice a day away from food (one of my favorites and good for HSV 1 and 2, Hep C, HIV) 

NAC 600 or S-Acetyl Glutathione - 2 caps per day with or without food - if you have an impaired GSH pathway then avoid this one

Vitamin D3 5000 - can take 4 gels per day for first three days of onset of illness otherwise just one a day with food 

Zinc Glycinate - 1 cap per day with food 

Immune Essentials - 2 caps per day away from food - another foundational support to prevent illness 

ProbioMax Daily DF - 1 cap in am before food and 1 cap at bedtime 

ALAmax CR - 1-2 caps per day away from food - fantastic antioxidant 

Melatonin CR - this a 5 mg dose in each capsule - you can take up to 60 mg at bedtime at the onset of illness

Argentyn 23 - 1 teaspoon held in mouth for 30 seconds four times per day on an empty stomach - great antimicrobial - can find this on Amazon 

For those who are worried about flu season - we have in stock oral flu nosodes. Call us and let us know how many you need. This is by RX.

If you have some chronic disease patterns - don't wait - schedule your new patient naturopathic consult with Dr. G to find your root cause of disease. We have access to testing covered by insurance. We have your game changer treatment protocol. Are you waiting for it to get worse? I recommend you be proactive now. 


If you are ill, we offer several I.V. therapy options. Ozone MAH and Ozonated Saline, I.V. Nutrients, German Biologics, Glutathione, peptides and amino acids. Our practice is affiliated with The Crow Nation and First Nation Medical Board so patients are protected from unwarranted discrimination from federal and state agencies. 

We offer some of the best standard and specialty testing available including Covid antibody testing. We have found that the PCR testing is too sensitive for everything so we offer blood antibody IgM and IgG status. This seems to be more accurate than swab testing although we offer that too! 

I would like send a healing prayer out to all of our indigenous communities who have been hard hit with C-19. These communities have been betrayed over and over again and they have paid the ultimate price. We have multiple solutions for this pandemic. It starts with Immune protection and prevention of disease. It is the first tenet of naturopathic medicine and epidemiology. 

See you all on the other side. Stay safe and sane. 

Dr. Isadora Guggenheim 


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