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Heartburn and Your Heart

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GERD and AFIBAtrial Fibrillation is the most commonly diagnosed heart arrhythmia in America.  Most causes are of cardiovascular origin such as: hypertension, coronary artery disease, and cardiac valve disorders; however the list of non-cardiac causes such as: obstructive sleep apnea, COPD, and electrolyte imbalances seem to be increasing.

Recently, GERD has emerged as a significant non-cardiac contributor to AF. Also, AFib and treatment may play a role in developing GERD.

AFib is an irregular heartbeat rhythm that stems from an uncoordinated contraction or the atrial chambers leading to ineffective blood pumping within the heart. Patients with AFib are at increased risk for thrombolytic events such as stroke and are often placed on life-long treatment with anticoagulant medication. It is associated with heart failure, early death and is significantly detrimental to quality of life.

GERD is highly prevalent in North America and is one of the most common reasons for visits to primary care providers. The disease is characterized by heartburn. It is suggested the reflux symptoms leading to esophogeal inflammation may disturb neighboring vagus nerve fibers which can cause cardiac reflex. The heart receives input from both sympathetic and vagal signals. This balance is altered in reflux patients with AF.

Our Naturopathic pharmacy offers effective formulas to correct the condition. Second Nature patients take Xymogen's GastrAcid, ProbioMax DF 100 B and GlutAloeMine for upper G.I. tissue repair. We have a wide array of specific treatments for acute and chronic H. Pylori infections.  There are easy to swallow liquid RX homeopathic formulas for stomach ulcers, reflux, pain, tissue erosion and generalized inflammation. 

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Sometimes disease requires more radical change so our GOOD GUT products can replace your meals for a digestive healing holiday.   Before you swallow another dose of a medication that increases your risk of esophageal cancer - stop and think.  Wouldn't it be a better choice to schedule an appointment and find out what is causing your disease?  An empowered patient is a healthier patient.  

f you are looking for a way to manage your AFib without using harmful treatment methods we offer "Heart Healthy" I.V. Therapies. They are great for cardiovascular support and high in heart healthy nutrients such as carnitine and arginine to support nitric-oxide pathways. The drip takes no longer than two hours. We can add injectable homeopathic medicines to individualize your protocol and address your specific cardiac issues.

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We also offer a variety of nutrient drips that are individualized for your condition. The Vitamin IV's come in two categories, immune and antioxidant support. The I.Vs contain nutrients and can be given with Glutathione. Our Immune I.V. comes with a high does of vitamin C and other supporting nutrients to fit your health needs and our MEGA C I.V also packs a punch of vitamin C for an oxidative burst.  Along with I.V. nutrients, patients take Xymogen's Bio C 1:1 or Liposomal RediSorb Vitamin C.

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Winter Ninivaggi

Written by Winter Ninivaggi

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