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ADD/ADHD and Heavy Metals

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 7, 2014 10:00:00 AM / by Dr. Isadora Guggenheim

Get the lead out of your child before school begins

I had two new international pediatric cases this week that sparked this blog post.  One was a lovely young girl who struggles with mood swings, concentration and "not fitting in."  Diagnosed with ADHD, she was put onto big pharma meds which made her worse. There are several biochemical links to ADD and ADHD.  

The next school term is right around the corner.  I see families at Target and Staples stocking up on supplies. The most important part of education is your child's health.  If they can't think then how can they be expected to learn?

The biggest biochemical links to ADD and ADHD are elevated lead, food allergies and methylation differences.  At Second Nature, we test for all three.  We test for immediate food allergies, hidden food sensitivities, heavy metals and several genetic enzymes. 

The mom of my new patient did not want to harm her child with more drugs with unknown future effects to the cardiovascular and reproductive system.  She is being pro-active.  She read about these biochemical links so we tested for food allergies, heavy metals and methylation differences.  Everyone is excited that we'll be SKYPING the results from New York to Chile.    

Get Healthy No Fees!

I did the ALCAT food allergy blood draws on the children.  Both mom and the kids complimented me on my blood drawing skills.  They didn't feel anything.  Blood draws are not traumatic in my office and I use a 2% lidocaine cream on the skin.  It's a great analgesic.

Stock up on the necessary school supplies and don't forget to test your child for heavy metals.  We want to keep the lead in your pencils and out of your body.

We are your testing and treatment environmental detox experts.  Our pediatric chelation protocols are safe, easy to follow and realistic for your busy lives.  Don't forget to ask for a urine toxic metal kit for the parents at your child's appointment.  We want healthy happy families.  


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