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Hepatitis C Virus - Testing, Screening, Ozone

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Testing for Hep C


The HCV antibody (AB) detection via enzyme immunassay (EIA) is the standard screening test. Testing for the presence of HCV antibodies is the first step in assessing a patient for the infection. These antibodies are detectable about 2 months after contracting the infection. During "early acute infection and in the severely immunosuppressed" false negatives are possible, and in low risk populations (low pre-test probabilty) face false positives when screened. Routine ultrasound is not a reliable measure for hepatic fibrosis. Instead, transient elastography is a specialized ultrasound technique for assessing fibrosis. Also, individual routine blood tests cannot accurately stage liver disease. Other tests such as specialized assays or indices composed of several common clinical laboratory parameters are available for use. Liver biopsy is an acceptable standard of staging liver disease, providing a direct assessment of fibrosis and inflammation, iron stores, steatosis, diagnosis or suggestion of other liver pathology. Other liver pathologies include steatohepatitis, alcoholic hepatitis, drug-induced injury, and auto-immune hepatitis.

If you test positive for Hep C it makes sense to start controlling your blood sugar regulation now and addressing your viral loads even if you don't show signs of disease.
Hep C patients can get better control of their viral loads with Xymogen's Viragraphis, Immunotix 500, NAC, Lipotropix and Liver Protect. We offer 10 pass MAH I.V. Ozone with German Biologics to affect the virus and support healthy liver function. All I.V. therapies are MD ordered in NYS.


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For complete information, see:

“Hepatitis C Virus (HCV).”

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