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Hidden Hormones - The Big E - Ozone, Xymogen, Constipation

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We are exposed to many hidden estrogens daily and if our levels are too high our bodies go out of balance and we can experience a myriad of unpleasant symptoms. Estrogen is great when it is in check and balanced with progesterone and testosterone. We need estrogens to support our heart and bone health and our ability to think.

We store estrogen in our fat. Too much puts us at risk for certain reproductive cancers

Aromatase is an enzyme that creates a powerful estrogen called estradiol. Aromatase is stored in our fat cells and when we have more estradiol we have more fat cells that signal our body to make more fat cells. In Oncology with estrogen dominant cancers, scientists invented aromatase inhibitors to prevent the build up of estradiol.

High estrogen knocks out your body's ability to use testosterone which is linked to higher muscle mass, energy and stamina. I highly recommend Xymogen's DIMension 3, Hormone Protect and Aromat8-PN when you have estrogen dominance. Aromat8-PN can be used for both men and women. This is important because most men have low testosterone and are estrogen dominant because of processed foods, lack of sleep and daily exposure to hidden estrogens.

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Drinking alcohol increases your level of estradiol and your risk of getting a hormonal cancer.

We clear both alcohol and hormones through your liver. If your liver is busy clearing toxins in alcohol then it cannot effectively clear more potent estrogens. Everyone needs liver support just because of our daily exposures. I recommend Xymogen's NAC, Liver Protect and Lipotropix for full spectrum liver protection. Children who drink sugary drinks have been found to have fatty liver disease as young as two years old.

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Processed foods disrupt our normal production of hormones. GMO or genetically-modified foods change our brain function and our ability to secrete appropriate hormones.

Always buy organic when possible and if you can't pronounce an ingredient - don't buy it or eat it. Take vitamin C and eat foods rich in vitamin C to nourish your adrenal glands. One cup of black coffee each day is fine - we only get into problems when we are drinking multiple cups to prop ourselves up. If you are using any kind of liquid stimulant then you probably have an underlying adrenal issue. Cortisol and other stress hormones can be tested in the blood and saliva. When patients have adrenal burnout I recommend lifestyle changes and Xymogen's AdrenaMax, Adrenal Essence and Cortisolv. We also offer Glutathione/Meyer's cocktails with special immune boosters to get you back on track. All I.V. therapies are MD ordered in NYS.

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Some women get relief from their dysfunctional cycle with birth control, but birth control pills are synthetic hormones.

Unfortunately, we breakdown synthetic estrogens into potent estrogens that push us toward estrogen dominance. Household chemicals, toiletries and cosmetics all contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals that also increase our propensity towards estrogen dominance. Living in a toxic world is like defensive driving. You have to assume you will have daily exposures and take nutraceuticals to prevent their impact on your hormonal system.

After menopause when our hormones plummet - it is safe to take bio-identical hormones and topical hormones to keep your sanity. I refer to Dr. Janis L. Enzenbacher at Piermont Gynecology for bio-identical expertise.

I recommend Xymogen's NAC, Liver Protect and XenoProtect daily to lower the load.

You want to have a balanced plant-based diet. Animal products are loaded with synthetic estrogens to quicken animal growth and you ingest these synthetic hormones when you eat commerically raised animals.

It's ok to eat organic grass-fed meats on occasion, but you want to eat a daily salad with plenty of in- season vegetables, nuts and seeds. You want to eat fruits and veggies that supply you with energy and move through the bowels. Grains cause several issues with many people so if you have digestive issues - I would say avoid grains until those issues are corrected. If you need some help to get your bowels moving, I recommend Xymogen's Colon-X. Don't take too many. I have patients that took the same amount of Colon-X as they did another product. They only needed one Colon-X compared to 6 capsules of another well-respected product. Colon-X could become the new colonoscopy prep. Take 4-6 capsules the day before the procedure along with a liquid diet and you will probably be good to go.


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