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How to Prevent Wintertime Infections - Start Immune Support Now

[fa icon="calendar'] Nov 14, 2017 9:06:44 PM / by Dr. Isadora Guggenheim


We're coming up on the beginning of wintertime infections because eating sugar creates a microbial terrain that allows viruses and baterium to grow. Learn how you can prevent wintertime infections for you and your family.

The cold winter months can put some viruses and bacterial infections to bed while others come out of seasonal storage. We are more likely to come into contact with seasonal viruses when we are cooped up and in close contact with others. Besides the usual suspects, what other virsuses should we be aware of during the winter?      

Some infections might go into hibernation during the winter months, so let's review which circulating viruses we can protect against in winter.  This year, I  have gotten phone calls from patients with a G.I. flu, regular flu, respiratory syncytial virus, common colds and pneumonia. It's important to remember that bolstering the immune system in an effort to prevent disease is different than trying to bolster the immune system after you get sick.  "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."   

We offer the recommended natural flu and pneumonia vaccines. They are 89% effective and do not contain harmful aluminum, methyl mercury, formaldehyde, live viruses, egg or fetal monkey tissue.

From a historical perspective, measles, diphtheria with severe pharyngitis, Rotavirus, endemic fungal infection - Coccidioides immitis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis or LCMV and norovirus or "winter vomiting disease" top the list of infectious diseases that bloom during the winter.  Measles used to be a normal childhood infection and I remember when I and my siblings were piled into the same large bed to run its course.  I was sensitive to light and fortunately I was not in the subgroup of susceptible individuals who developed a bacterial superinfection that damaged the kidneys.  Diphtheria can be a life-threatening disease and does require medical intervention as it can lead to myocarditis or damage to the heart muscle.  Rotavirus, still the number one killer viral killer in the pediatric population, swept through my town when my daughter was about 4.  She was the only kid on the block who was not hospitalized because I treated her with round the clock hydration and specific homeopathic remedies.  It's hallmark is throwing up and diarrhea at the same time which leads to severe dehydration.  Leptospirosis is only endemic in Hawaii where to highest rates are from October to February in the wetter winter months.  The Sonoran desert in the southwest is home to Coccidioides immitis fungus during the winter when there is less rain and dust.  Aseptic meningitis is caused by lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus which is carried by the common house mouse.  Mice like everyone else come inside during the late fall and winter.  Norovirus or "winter vomiting disease" is what most got hit with last year.  

Second Nature Immune Support - Start it Now

What can we do to protect against disease besides the standard prescribed vaccines?  The short list includes: Xymogen's ProbioMax Plus DF and Immunotix 500 with high quality probiotics and immunoglobulins, DFH's Glutathione powder, L-Glutamine powder, Zinc Supreme, Krill oil, olive leaf extract, Vitamin D Supreme and plenty of vitamin C.  We are always exposed to germs.  We can only control the internal terrain or intestinal microbiome which is our ground zero.  This is where pathogens can embed and grow or not.  

Seasonality if part of a normal life cycle.  We can work with nature to strengthen our innate health.  During the winter I roast bones and then boil them for hours into a delicious bone broth.  One cup of bone broth rich in vitamins and minerals before each meal is an easy way to support the immune system.  Reduce or eliminate your consumption of sugar.  Viruses and bacteria thrive on sugar.  Be consistent with your supplement regimen.  Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep.  Keep the bowels open with more magnesium, fiber or schedule regular colonics.  Get outside and enjoy some cold weather exercise while you get your daily dose of vitamin D from the sun.  When you're inside book a Second Nature therapeutic massage with immune boosting lavender oil from Weleda.  Inside or out, there are several options for you to have a healthy winter in 2015-2016.


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