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HPV in Men

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 26, 2017 5:00:00 AM / by Isadora Guggenheim


 Human Papilloma Virus affects more than just women.


HPV is not a disease that strictly affects women as it is often perceived. There is an overall prevalence of genital human papillomavirus in 45.2 percent of US adult men. In men, genital warts — which may appear weeks to months after contracting HPV — grow inside or around the anus, on the upper thighs and in the groin area, and on the scrotum and penis, including under the foreskin and inside the urethral opening. Genital warts may be: Clearly visible or too small to see.

The disease can cause cancer of the anus or penis.

A recent study evaluating the rates of HPV in 1,868 men aged 18-59 found that overall genital HPV infection prevalence was 45.2%; with at least 1 high-risk HPV subtype at 25.1% In vaccine-eligible men, prevalence of infection with at least 1 HPV strain targeted by the HPV 4-valent vaccine and HPV 9-valent vaccine was 7.1% and 15.4%, respectively. HPV vaccination coverage among vaccine-eligible men was only 10.7%.

Genital warts, syphilis and herpes can be transmitted through skin-to-skin contact without intercourse. You don't have to have symptoms to be positive as some viruses can take up to three months to show up on labs. 

Come in and let's talk about how you can protect yourself. Get an exam if you do have symptoms.  If you are HPV positive take control and get our groundbreaking ozone treatments so you can be One Less. 

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