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Mercury Is Rising - Get Detoxed

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 24, 2020 3:42:00 PM / by Isadora Guggenheim

Mercury - This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA-NC

Water samples were collected during eight research cruises to the North and South Atlantic and Pacific oceans for five years and the analysis revealed that humans have tripled the level of mercury in our oceans since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

We now have 290 million moles of mercury in the world's seas with the highest levels in the North Atlantic and Arctic.  


Predator fish like tuna are 10 million times higher in mercury than the surrounding seawater.

The ocean used to be able to shield us from mercury, but marine geochemists predict that ability may soon be exhausted. Industrial emissions will be found in progressively shallower water and affect all marine life which will increase human exposure.  

We can't wait for the scientists to figure out a solution. You need to schedule your environmental consult and start heavy metal chelation. Mercury is a serious neurotoxin that destroys brain cells. 

We are your Detox experts.  We test and treat elevated heavy metals.  

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Isadora Guggenheim

Written by Isadora Guggenheim

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