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India, Covid and Ozone Therapies

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 23, 2021 10:28:37 AM / by Dr. Isadora Guggenheim

We offer I.V. Ozone for chronic infections, long hauler syndrome and post vax protocols. 


“The promotion of ozone for the improvement of human life is our motto”. 
This is supported by the Bisleri Charitable Trust which in turn promoted the Ozone Forum of India (OFI), an association of doctors that teaches, practices and disseminates ozone therapy as part of economically integrated complementary medicine. 
Ozone therapy has been practiced by the OFI to treat different pathologies including tuberculosis, some forms of cancer, pain therapy, Covid and post Covid. 
To treat patients affected by Covid and tuberculosis, ozone therapy has also been successfully used in hospitals: Shewri Government Hospital for Tuberculosis, the LG Hospital in Ahmedabad and the Sion Hospital in Mumbai.
More than two thousand doctors have been informed and introduced to the use of ozone therapy as part of 83 training programs organized by the OFI.
The projects of the OFI and the Bisleri Charitable Trust are supported by Bisleri International Pvt Ltd (, the largest Indian company for the production and distribution of mineral waters.
Bisleri International Pvt Ltd which treats all its mineral waters with ozone, covers more than 65% of the beverage market in India, has 122 production plants, 4500 distribution centers and 5000 heavy vehicles (trucks and lorries) for to bring mineral water to every area of India.
To better understand the practice, research developments and clinical results in the use of ozone therapy, Orbisphera interviewed Dr. Mili Shah President of the Ozone Forum of India.
How and when did you find out about ozone therapy and Ozone Forum of India?
In 2005 I came across Ozone Forum of India who was promoting ozone therapy in India.  I have attended ozone therapy training by different doctors from India, Cuba, Russia, Germany & USA.
Ozone Forum of India (OFI) is an integral part of Bisleri Charitable Trust began promoting ozone therapy since 2002, first few years were spent in gathering scientific knowledge from all different countries where ozone therapy was very advanced and were very high on research. OFI was established in 2005 with an intention to provide structured and organized workshops and other public initiatives to spread this low cost therapy and easy access to Ozone therapy all over India. Further, OFI is the training partner for Ministry of AYUSH, and National Institute of Naturopathy, Government of India, for its certification course on Ozone therapy. OFI has started extensive work on tuberculosis, integrated oncology and pain management.  It has published research paper of ozone therapy in different disease. OFI worked extensively on COVID-19 by launching two CTRI studies on ozone therapy as supportive therapy in COVID-19. Recently OFI along with NIN have submitted phase 3 trial and registry studies to interdisplinary committee in AYUSH department to use ozone therapy extensively in Covid 19.
What convinced you to practice ozone therapy?
I instantly took liking towards this oxygen based therapy as it had practically no side effects and was very scientific.  It was originated in Germany and as a practicing homoeopath it had a similar philosophy of treatment.
Over the past 18 months you and Ozone Forum of India have used ozone therapy to prevent and treat patients affected by Covid - 19. Can you provide us with the results of clinical trials carried out on Bisleri employees and in hospitals where you have treated Covid patients with ozone therapy?
This was done in the past during lockdown which improved Bisleri employees’ immunity and well-being. With this treatment, we not only reduced their risk towards contracting the infection but build their immunity which led to only 7 out of 320 employees contract the virus and they were mild and asymptomatic. This also shows the incidence rate off contracting the infection is only 2%.
We have used ozone therapy in Covid, in Government and private hospitals.  In mid 2020, we have conducted 2 CTRI (Clinical Trial Registry of India) which are successfully published in Journal of Immuno Pharmacology (Pub Med Index Journal).  2 more research papers have been published as preventive tool for covid-19.
As per clinical trial conducted in mid-2020 ozone therapy showed recovery rate of 77% within 5 days and by the 8th day all the patients from ozone group recovered. Ozone therapy has a greater impact in controlling the infection as patient suffers from various conditions such as circulatory disorders leading to clotting or thrombosis, headaches, lung infection, body pain & breathlessness situations. We have given ozone therapy to more than 700 patients in Mumbai and Pune.
How much is ozone therapy understood and practiced in India?
Ozone therapy has come a long way from unknown therapy to acceptable complimentary therapy because of our initiatives. Patients by enlarge have started having understanding for this wonderful supportive therapy. We are trying to create more awareness on this with the help of regular interviews, newspaper articles and social media. 
The Ozone Forum of India carries out training courses to know and practice ozone therapy, can you give us an idea of how many ozone therapists have attended your courses and which are the countries where ozone therapy is practiced?
We have trained more than 1900 doctors across India, out of which approx. 750 doctors are practicing Ozone Therapy.
We have trained doctors from UAE, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Srilanka, etc. 
Have you communicated the results of your medical studies and practices regarding ozone therapy to the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization?
We have communicated results of ozone therapy with our Government and have applied for registry trial on ozone therapy. Meanwhile, lot of ozone practicing doctors have been using ozone therapy on their patients.
What do you think is the future of ozone therapy?
Future of ozone therapy is extremely bright as slowly we are gathering lot of information on how ozone precisely works on human body along with that there are lot of countries which are practicing and regularizing ozone therapy. This is being adjuvant and complimentary therapy, having good potential as integrated in any medical field.
Interview by Antonio Gaspari
Director Orbisphera
For a more in-depth knowledge of the healing abilities of ozone, we recommend the book:
Antonio Gaspari, “Ozone: a cure for life”

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