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Low-Calorie Sweeteners Causing Adolescent Obesity - Water, Water Water - It's what we are made of - Good Gut

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 8, 2018 10:43:55 PM / by Winter Ninivaggi


Teens  and their relationship with low calorie sweeteners. In a study using data collected from individuals aged 2 to 19 who participated in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2009-2010, researchers found a relationship between the use of these low calorie sweeteners and obesity rates.

Against the belief that using low calorie sweeteners or drinking low calorie sweetener beverages should promote weight loss or maintained weight, it was found that odds of obesity were 55% and 70% higher in LCS consumers than in non consumers. "Energy intakes did not differ based on LCS consumption. In contrast, associations between LCS consumption and obesity risk were not statistically significant among children (2-11 y old), except in boys and those who self-identified as Hispanic."

Make America Healthy Again with clean water. We are a column of water and we must support that column each day with refreshed hydration. 

Low calorie sweeteners turn the obesity genes on. No one should drink sugar-free beverages as many previous studies found links between their consumption and pancreatic damage and higher incidence of diabetes. We are meant to drink water. Hydrate with water. You can flavor it with fresh squeezed lemon or lime. 

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If your teen is struggling with their weight avoid artificial low calorie sweetened beverages and all other low calorie sweetened products.  We do full workups on all of our teens to identify early diabetes so we can make lifestyle changes to prevent diabetic-related peripheral neuropathy.  We clean up the diet and recommend Xymogen's OptiMetabolix shakes and CinnDromX in capsules.  Obesity begins in the gut so everyone takes GOOD GUT products to rebalance the disturbed flora.  You can order your GOOD GUT products direct from our office now.  GOOD GUT Probiotics + Immune, GOOD GUT Repair and GOOD GUT Detox.  

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Winter Ninivaggi

Written by Winter Ninivaggi

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