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Lupus and Cervical Cancer

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 24, 2016 6:32:32 AM / by Isadora Guggenheim & Winter Ninivaggi

Lupus could be effecting your cervical health. Women with lupus being treated with immunosuppressives need regular cervical screening. A recent study found that the risk of pre-malignant cervical changes are doubled in women with lupus. There is also a potential increased risk of cervical cancer compared to the general population of women.

The highest risk was found in women with SLE who were treated with immunosuppressant drugs. The findings highlight the importance of regular cervical screening in all all women with lupus.

And the risk increases with age. Uterine cancer affects more than 52,000 women every year in the U.S. while cervical cancer is the leading cause of death in South America due to the HPV virus.

Younger women can have an abnormal pap smear. Labs can show virulent HPV strains that go in and out of dormancy when your immune system is working properly. Cervical cancer, linked to Human Papilloma Viruses, can come up in midlife so if you are over 30 and have a virulent strain you need to schedule your HPV cervical ozone treatments with us. 

You can reduce your risk of cervical cancer by being proactive with your care. We can create your individualized cancer prevention protocol that addresses healthy lifestyle choices.  We discuss cancer prevention diets, smoking cessation, losing weight and safer sex practices for all kinds of sex. 

We use the most advanced testing to screen for high-risk HPV at Piermont Gynecology in New York. We test the genomics of your HPV strains to see whether your virus is more likely to cause cervical cancer. 

Our treatment methods are designed to clear cervical HPV. We specialize in a patent-pending localized ozone cervical procedure to eliminate HPV on a cellular level. The treatment is done in our Piermont office by a licensed gynecologist. Our treatment is performed in 5 minutes and is relatively painless unlike the curcumin vaginal cream and curcumin vaginal suppositories that have to be inserted daily for 30 days with the likelihood of the side effect of vulvo-vaginal burning and itching.  

Our patients receive local cervical treatment, I.V. ozone drips and ozone inhalation each week for six weeks.  We retest all markers to show effectiveness of our treatment after six treatments.  

The use of probiotics, prebiotics and antimicrobials change your bad gut into a Good Gut and reduce Lupus symptoms.  

Second Nature patients with Lupus are checked for gluten tolerance, hidden food sensitivities, gastrointestinal infections, heavy metal toxicity and vitamin D deficiency.  Our Lupus patients make necessary and life-saving changes to protect their health.

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