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Migraine in Women - A Threat to Heart Health

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 24, 2016 7:13:44 AM / by Isadora Guggenheim & Winter Ninivaggi

Chronic migraine could cause CVD and death in women. 


Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in the United States for men and women. The risk for women should not be under estimated.

Women who suffer from migraine headaches are at an increaseed risk of developing cardiovascular diseases later in life. Females are at higher risk of stroke and heart attacks who suffer from migraines then those who do not.

Migraines are associated with CVD, coronary events and death according to a recent study. The study followed over 110,000 female participants for over 20 years. The researchers found that migraine was associated with a 50% increased risk for major cardiovascular disease 39% increased risk for heart attack,  62% greater risk for stroke and a 73% greater risk for angina/coronary revascularization procedures compared to women who did not suffer from migraines.

The women with migraine also had a 37% greater risk for cardiovascular disease mortality. Age, smoking status, hypertension, postmenopausal hormone therapy and oral contraceptive use were all taken into account.

This study supported a definite link between the two and is the first step in understanding the mechanism that relates the two to provide the most efficient treatment methods.

Women who suffer from migraine headaches should go the extra mile for your heart health.  It is important to take whatever steps possible to lower risk. Take steps such as not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight through diet and exercise, do not watch excessive amounts of television, and one alcoholic beverage per day if you are not a self-identified alcoholic or have alcohol attachment issues.

Women who suffer from migraine headaches should go the extra mile for your heart health. We can help you go that extra mile with sound nutritional advice, creating a realistic exercise regimen and making sure you are getting adequate sleep. There are a multitude of natural strategies to prevent migraines and cardiovascular events.

Take control of your health. Schedule your first I.V. ozone treatment. Ozone is a recognized treatment to reverse cardiovascular disease and normalize lipid panels. 

It's never to early or late to start with good healthy heart habits.  Cardiovascular disease and death from it is on the rise in younger women between 35 - 44 because of rising rates of obesity and diabetes. On average, women were about 46 years old when they were diagnosed with cardiovascular disease and only 50 when they were diagnosed with coronary artery disease (decreased blood flow to the heart).  

One of my newest medical weapons of choice for heart disease is I.V. ozone therapy. Ozone therapy is cited in the literature as a valuable treatment in the fight against heart disease. When you purchase an I.V ozone series you get a FREE ozone inhalation during each session.   

Medical marijuana also offers a promising way to manage chronic migraines. Researchers found that the monthly occurrence of migraine headaches significantly decreased with medical marijuana use. Further studies will be conducted to narrow down which strains and doses are best to alleviate migraine headache frequency.

Medical Marijuana vaporization is legal in New York and smoking is not. 

Keep up with our recent blogs about Medical Marijuana to learn more about the process of being referred. Call 845 680-6600 or 845 358-8385 or email [email protected] 

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