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Multiple Sclerosis and Gut Health

[fa icon="calendar'] May 15, 2014 10:00:00 AM / by Dr. Isadora Guggenheim

Colder climates with less sunlight are the hot spots for higher rates of MS


This is why I developed GOOD GUT products for people with autoimmune diseases.  Chronic disease begins in your gut. Your genes and gut bacteria contribute to the creation of autoimmune conditions.  Gut health is the key to your overall health.  

Researchers found a combination of pro- and anti-inflammatory genetic factors in the intestines of individuals with Multiple Sclerosis.  They excluded those who used antibiotics or probiotics recently or had a gastrointestinal infection, history of inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis or bowel surgery.  

Individuals in the MS group had been diagnosed for about 11.4 years.  44 in the MS group were untreated and 49 were taking some kind of interferon.  Dietary habits were about the same for patients with MS as compared to a control group.  52% of both groups had high milk consumption with 67% of the MS group and 48% of the control group had high levels of yogurt consumption.  

MS patients were enriched with archaea in the gut.  Archaea is dominated by Methanobrevibacter smitthi, a species that makes up about 10% of colonic bacterium in the gut.   Methanobrevibacter smitthi are linked to strong immunogenic responses that cause local and systemic inflammation in the host.  MS patients who had high colony counts had longer disease duration and expanded disability status scale scores.  2 organisms with anti-inflammatory properties were lower in the MS group.  New onset Rheumatoid arthritis patients had high colony counts of Prevotella copri.  Inflammatory bowel disease sufferers had less butyrate; butyric acid is the right fuel for the colonic cells.   

We've been testing our autoimmune patients for years with Genova's Comprehensive Stool Profile to determine the makeup of the intestinal microbiome.  The test provides clear and concise information so we can construct an intelligent treatment protocol that balances the intestinal microbiome for perfect health.  If you or someone you know has an active autoimmune condition please recommend us.  There is no need for expensive and dangerous biological drugs that actually worsen the condition.  We go to the root cause of disease.  We have many MS success cases every year and our patients live full happy lives in complete remission.  

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Second Nature patients take GOOD GUT products to recolonize,repair, restore and reboot the immune system.  Call us and ask us about our 21 day GOOD GUT program.  You are 21 days away from better health.  

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