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Multiple Sclerosis Diversity

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 11, 2016 5:00:00 AM / by Isadora Guggenheim & Winter Ninivaggi


MS effects everyone differently. 

MS effects everyone differently. There are however connections between how the disease effects those of different races and genders etc. 

African Americans differ from Caucasion Americans with MS. There is a difference between the global and regional cortical thickness and thalamic volume. The pattern suggest racial specific disease differences. African American's with MS demonstrated significantly higher Expanded Disability Status Score (EDSS) scores, yet the 2 populations has similar T2 hyper intense lesion volumes and significantly lower cortical thickness.

There is also a difference between older men and women with MS. Gender differences in health, lifestyle, mood and socieconomics were examined in a recent study of older men and women with multiple sclerosis. 

Older men tend to experience lower perceived health and lower resilience and participated less in life roles than older women. They also experienced more depressive symptoms whereas women felt more anxiety.

We've been testing our autoimmune patients for years with Genova's Comprehensive Stool Profile and Doctor's Data Heavy Metal Challenge to determine the makeup of the intestinal microbiome and look for the elevated metals. The test provides clear and concise information so we can construct an intelligent treatment protocol that balances the intestinal microbiome for perfect health. We also test for viral, bacterial and fungal loads as well as review your genomics for detox pathway differences. If you or someone you know has an active autoimmune condition please recommend us.  There is no need for expensive and dangerous biological drugs that actually worsen the condition.  We go to the root cause of disease.  We have many MS success cases every year and our patients live full happy lives in complete remission.  

We have formulated I.V. nutrient and ozone treatments for macular degeneration and for MS that have benefited our patients. All I.V. therapies are MD supervised and RN administered in NY.

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