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NSAIDs for Children? Natural Anti-Inflammatories for Children - I.V. Glutathione for Chronic Fatigue

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NSAIDs in the pediatric population.

OTC pain relievers such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen are often used as fever reducers in children. These drugs are used for infants and children regularly without a full understanding of the side effects that accompany them. Acetaminophen and ibuprofen both have the same mechanism of action effecting enzymes associated with pain and inflammation pathways throughout the body. There is a clear link between childhood asthma and both ibuprofen and acetaminophen due to leukotriene production and shunting toward Th2 immune dominance. Using the two drugs can increase inflammation in respiratory airways for asthmatics, thus resulting in an increase of asthma symptoms. The use of these drugs during pregnancy can also increase the child’s risk of developing asthma. NSAIDS were also found to deplete glutathione in the respiratory cells at an alarming rate in pediatric patients. Glutathione is the major anti-oxidant in all of our cells.

Xymogen's S-Acetyl Glutathione, an acetylated form of glutathione, which is well-absorbed and more stable in the digestive tract.

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The drugs also have gastrointestinal side effects. Inhibition of the COX-1 enzyme decreases blood flow to the gastrointestinal mucosa which can result in impaired mucosal defenses and lead to mucosal injury. Damage to the GI mucosa can leave it vulnerable to acidic molecules to cause irritation and leave the mucosa less able to heal from the damage. Their use can also lead to intestinal permeability (leaky gut). The high instance of NSAID-induced gut permeability has implications for the high prevalence of pediatric food allergies and is associated with non-celiac gluten sensitivities.

Why not add tumeric and ginger root to your children's green drink each day? These natural anti-inflammatories are great tasting and work effectively as food is medicine.

We offer Glutathione/Meyer's I.V. therapies for teens who struggle with EBV and chronic Fatigue.

Exposure to acetaminophen during pregnancy was also linked to hyperkinetic disorders and ADHD.

Even taken sparingly it is important to understand the full spectrum of risks associated with the drugs. Over the counter does not always mean safe. At Second Nature we prescribe DFH's Inflammatone, a safe anti-inflammatory, medication for children and adults.

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