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Ozone and Cancer - What your Oncologist Won't Tell You

[fa icon="calendar'] Dec 9, 2020 8:03:41 AM / by Dr. Isadora Guggenheim

You just got the diagnosis. It's scary and daunting. You feel like you've been hit by a Mack truck. You have difficult decisions to make. Your world has changed. 

No matter which treatments you decide to do - surgery, chemo or radiation - there is one treatment that needs to be on the list. The one that will improve your quality of life, the one that kills cancer cells and the one that improves your prognosis. I.V. Ozone can improve the effectiveness of your standard treatments and protect your healthy cells. It is used to stop the progression of disease and prevent metastasis. 

Learn About Ozone

Why do patients with cancer use ozone all around the world? Why do hospice nurses endorse I.V. Ozone and they say the sooner the better? Why do the leading cancer hospitals in Europe use I.V. Ozone? Why do oncologists refer their patients to our practice? Why do doctors with cancer come to our practice? 

I.V. Ozone MAH, UVBI ultraviolet blood irradiation, glutathione and specialized medicines from Germany.

Have a look at this recent video to discuss Cancer and I.V. Ozone

Drs Ozone has uploaded Ozone Therapy and Cancer: Misunderstood and Underestimated AT HOME GUIDE: www.drsozone... 

Not only do we create specialized treatment protocols during your new patient consult, we have access to the best alternative oncology testing (Ivy Gene and RGCC The Greece Test) to track your treatment progression. We follow Dr. Richard Thompson's Kick Cancer's Ass Protocol and add individual components to create a solid treatment plan. 


Ozone Informed Consent

Now is your time to take control of your life. You need to be informed to be your best advocate. We learned at the international Ozone conference that the current studies show it is important to get I.V. Ozone 2-3 weeks before you begin chemo and surgery. Prime the pump before chemo. We build your immune system from the ground up. Chemo can be described as poison with a purpose and you can fight back to protect your healthy cells. Our patients with cancer who do ozone continue to show stable labs meaning their RBC's and WBC's do not drop thus preventing the continuation of treatment. They typically do not need painful Neulasta shots, steroids or antibiotics. 

The brilliance of Ozone is that it has no receptors therefore no resistance unlike all other medications. We are interested in figuring out your root cause of disease. Why this cancer. Why now? Cancer is a reflection of your total body burden of toxicity within and intelligent detoxification is required to address your condition. We can do it. Every cancer story is different and requires experienced nuance. 

You are not alone. We can help guide your decisions without desperation. If we don't offer a treatment modality that you need then we can make a referral. We are honest if we come to the conclusion that a particular treatment is not working. We support your right to try safe alternative treatments that have proven efficacy. 

Call us to discuss your case and let's see if I.V. Ozone would be of benefit to you. We have several cancer survivors 6 years later. Sooner than later. 

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