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OZONE FOR LIFE One Story of Many - Worth Reading Again

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We see the same results in our practice. Ozone and homotoxicology reverse long hauler syndrome. Patients get back to their normal function in a matter of 1-3 sessions. This treatment addresses loss of smell and taste, digestive upset, muscle aches and pains, severe fatigue, insomnia, neurological sequella, breathing issues and cytokine storm. We are proudly part of The Crow Nation as tribal practitioners and that is why we can offer progressive treatments that work. If you or someone you know is struggling with post-viral syndrome (it is real and there is a 1CD10 code for it) then you need to call us. 845 358-8385.



Silvia Lazzari is a lawyer from Bergamo, Italy, the owner of an established law firm. She is an optimistic, passionate, solid citizen with great working, professional and human skills.

In her last year, her life was turned upside down by Covid. In March 2020 she discovered she tested positive. She then chose to avoid hospitalization, preferring to be treated at home using the same protocol as patients admitted to hospital, including the possibility of having an oxygen cylinder.

For eight months, from March to November, Covid put her to the test. During this period she suffered from serious pathologies: two blood clots, immunodeficiency, breathing difficulties, fluctuating oxygen saturation, vascular inflammation, chronic fatigue, and partial memory loss.

 Interviewed by "Orbisphera" she said:

“I fell ill with Covid, during what has been called the" first wave ". I had cough and fever, respiratory crises, I was very sick. Since there was a crowd in hospitals, a friend of mine, a pulmonologist, suggested that I treat myself at home with the same medicines they were using for the patients in Covid wards.

 After twenty days I tested negative by swab, I no longer suffered from respiratory crises, but nevertheless I was not well. I had developed an autoimmune reaction.

 On April 4th I had a clot in the superior vessel in my heart. After the crisis, they sent me home, but I continued to feel bad.

 After a week, despite the heparin therapy, I had severe inflammation of more blood vessels (vasculitis).

 On 24 May I had a second thrombosis and it was discovered that I had very high D-dimer values, and indicator of serious clotting issues.  The hematologist, after extensive tests, diagnosed ACL, an autoimmune disease that affects the blood and exposes the patient to blood clots. The hematologist specified that it was a serious disease, but "fortunately" in my case it was almost certainly a consequence of the autoimmune reaction to Covid-19, and therefore would disappear in five or six months.

Back home, I tried to work, but I couldn't. I couldn't concentrate for more than two hours - a big difference from the twelve hours of work I was able to do before I got sick. Plus I was starting to lose my memory ...

 I went on vacation continuing to treat myself, afraid that my hand and neck would suddenly swell… warning signs of thrombosis, ACL.

Despite the treatments, in September, five months after testing negative for active Covid, I continued to test positive for the fearful LAC, encephalitis. I was wondering if there was a way out of the tunnel ...

 New exam in October: still positive at the LAC, still a very uncertain future.

 At one point I remembered that, while I was bedridden with oxygen, I had heard on TV that in Udine they had used ozone therapy to treat and cure Covid patients. So I inquired about ozone therapy with some medical friends, two of whom gave me a positive opinion.

 I therefore turned to the Comunian Clinic of Bergamo, directed by Prof. Marianno Franzini, who is also the international President of SIOOT (Scientific Society of Oxygen Ozone Therapy).

 Ozone turned out to be a providential discovery!

 At the first treatment by major autohemotherapy where they took out some blood, like a transfusion and added ozone, then infused it back into me.   I felt a little strange. But already by the second treatment I began to recover my memory. I regained my strength and I felt more toned… After the third treatment I returned to full efficiency: all the damage from Covid and post-Covid had disappeared.

 At that point I did the blood test on the ACL autoimmune disease, and it was totally negative. In my blood there was no trace of the virus that had tormented me for eight months, nor of the autoimmune reaction. I was - and am - free: this cure gave me back myself.

 The treatment was so effective that I also offered it to my 19-year-old daughter. She has also been affected by the virus.  She is currently negative for the swab but, like me previously, she is not very well.  It appears the virus left her with myocarditis. I took her to Prof. Franzini and in a few weeks we will know if ozone can heal her, as it did with me.

I am happy to have discovered ozone and its healing qualities. I was amazed by its effectiveness and speed of action. Furthermore, ozone has no side effects and leaves no residues. In my opinion, it should be made available to all people who test positive for Covid.”

 Interview by Antonio Gaspari


Director Orbisphera

 To learn more, read the book:

Antonio Gaspari, “Ozone: a cure for life”

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