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Ozone Therapy Herpes - Fight Back 5 Ways and Win

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 17, 2015 7:44:45 AM / by Dr. Isadora Guggenheim

Ozone Therapy Herpes - Fight Back 5 Ways and Win with Ozone Therapy - Second Nature Care

You might get cold sore outbreaks more in the summer because you are in the sun, eating more citrus fruits or just tired from working hard and playing harder. And you might be plagued with Herpes II below the waist.

You get a low grade fever, feel more irritable, have intense PMS symptoms and get two surprises.  Your period and a herpes outbreak. To make matters worse you want to get back into the dating game. You are mentally dreading the future conversation with your new make believe sexual partner about your STI status. You want to be a socially responsible partner, but right now everything is overwhelming. 

Take the time now to focus on your healing. We are here and ozone therapies are on your side.

Second Nature Ozone Therapy Herpes 

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This is a great time to clean up your diet and improve your health hygiene. 

  • Cut the carbs, processed foods and eliminate all sugar. Eat 3 nutritious meals/per day with a focus on good quality proteins. Get a copy of the latest Body Magazine and get a coupon for Food Evolution in Montvale for a great discount on healthy organic food. Our ozone clinic is featured in that issue. 
  • Use the sauna at your health club or purchase a single unit infra-red sauna and do low temperature (120 -140 degrees) 19 minutes three times per week to stimulate your lymphatic flow. Sauna is one of the oldest detoxification methods and is well studied for its benefits. 
  • Book your colonic with our expert therapists and get a FREE BOTTLE of OXYCLEANSE - chelated magnesium that stimulates your large intestine for better eliminations. 
  • Schedule your major MAH ozone therapy with us. We have perfected the treatment and give the highest doses up to 550 ml of ozone compared to 60 at other places. Ozone kills viruses, bacteria and fungi. It cleans the blood. While you're dripping you get a FREE OZONE INHALATION with every I.V. ozone service. We sell the highest quality ozonated olive oil to apply on any lesions for instant relief and resolution. 
  • We'll identify other health hygiene issues - quality of sleep, stress reduction, hormonal balance and more so that your body can get back to normal physiological function. 

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