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Parkinson's and the Gut Microbiome

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Parkinson's Disease and the gut.


Research was recently conducted to analyze the relationship between the gut microbiome and Parkinson's disease. According to the study, Parkinson's is accompanied by dysbiosis of the gut microbiome. Independent microbial signatures were detected for Parkinson's.  Among patients, independent signals were detected for catechol-O-methyltransferase-inhibitors, anticholinergics , and possibly carbidopa/levodopa.

Levadopa and carbidopa, Parkinson's meds, deplete the individual of critical amino acids - dopamine, tyrosine, tyrosine hydrolylase, norepinephrine and serotonin. Our patients take a liquid homeopathic RX of serotonin and dopamine. Amino Acids taken orally and in I.V. form are effective and not contra-indicated with L-dopa. Amino acid therapies protect against side effects and make Parkinson's medication more effective. All I.V. therapies are MD ordered in NYS.

There were significant altered abundances of the Bifidobacteriaceae, Christensenellaceae, [Tissierellaceae], Lachnospiraceae, Lactobacillaceae, Pasteurellaceae, and Verrucomicrobiaceae families in the gut microbiome.

The gut is where I begin treatment. We remove all gluten, most grains and dairy out of the diet. Processed carbohydrates aggravate SIBO and don't allow leaky gut mucosa to heal properly. High-protein foods block the absorption of the main Parkinson's medications - Levadopa or L-dopa which affects their efficacy. I also test for Herpes 6 and elevated heavy metals with an eye on mercury. The golden triangle in Parkinson's is poor gut function, high viral loads, previous exposure to pesticides and elevated mercury.

Because of poor gut function I strongly recommend I.V. therapies. Ozone chelation and I.V. glutathione both improve function while we are healing the gut with L-glutamine, fish oils, NAC, turmeric, probiotics, gelatin, phosphatidyl choline and resveratrol.

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Written by Isadora Guggenheim

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