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Parkinson's Begins in Your Gut - Scientific Evidence to Prove It

[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 21, 2020 2:52:07 PM / by Dr. Isadora Guggenheim

Misfolded proteins start in the gut and travel to the brain via the vagus nerve. That is what got revealed in a new animal study from John Hopkins University. Parkinson's has a gut-brain connection. 

What is Parkinson's disease? It is progressive cell death in the brain's dopamine-secreting neurons cause by misfolded clumps of a protein named alpha-synuclein. These are toxic proteins known as Lewy bodies. 

What can cause toxic protein build-up? Pesticides, heavy metals, environmental contaminants and pathogens (natural and man-made) are all implicated. 

Lewy bodies have been found for decades in the gut flora of patient's with Parkinson's disease. A German scientist, Dr. Heiko Braak and team, thought Parkinson's began in the gut and the Lewy body toxic proteins traveled to the brain via the vagus nerve. 

This new study confirmed that Lewy bodies can indeed spread directly from the gut to the brain. Before this groundbreaking study; it was all theory, but now we have evidence to show that this hypothesis is true.

"The study began by injecting synthetic misfolded alpha-synuclein into the guts of healthy mice and tracking those animals for 10 months. Analyzing brain tissue at several points over the 10-month period revealed the alpha-synuclein first aggregated at the point the vagus nerve connected to the gut, and then eventually spread throughout the brain. Even more interesting, the spread of the alpha-synuclein proteins up into the brain was halted when the animals' vagus nerve was severed."

These findings may provide a new treatment target for early intervention of Parkinson's. 

Naturopathic medicine has been aware that many chronic disease patterns begin in the gut. Naturopathic treatment focuses on repairing the gut flora to prevent disease and to prevent progression of existing disease patterns. We start with our good gut protocol, changing the diet (definitely eliminating grains, dairy, sugar and alcohol), daily exercise regimens, healthy sleep and detoxification of noxious environmental contaminants. Removing grain is important because most of our grain supply is contaminated with Monsanto's glyphosate - a known carcinogen and cause of neurological injuries. If you correct gut dysbiosis, you have a better prognosis of reversing the disease pattern and ameliorating current symptoms. 

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We offer I.V. Ozone to oxygenate all tissues and biologics to address the gut-brain connection. Patient's with Parkinson's have responded well to I.V. Glutathione and liposomal oral glutathione in between I.V. therapy sessions. We have specialized medicines from Germany to treat Parkinson's. 

We test all patients with Parkinson's for heavy metal toxicity, chemical toxicity, toxic mold, genomics, vitamin/mineral deficiencies, comprehensive stool profiles, full thyroid/adrenal panels, hormones, Lyme/co-infections and more. In some cases, we find the patient has Lyme and or other viral loads which ignited their genomics for Parkinson's. Most of these tests are covered by insurance. 

While the medical world is doing more conclusive research, You cannot wait. The testing and changes discussed above can be the key to stopping the progression you Your disease.

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The new research was published in the journal Neuron.

Ref: 10.1016/j.neuron.2019.05.035

Kim, S., Kwon, S., Kam, T., Panicker, N., Karuppagounder, S. S., Lee, S., . . . Ko, H. S. (2019). Transneuronal Propagation of Pathologic α-Synuclein from the Gut to the Brain Models Parkinson’s Disease. Neuron. doi:10.1016/j.neuron.2019.05.035
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