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PCOS, Fertility and Losing Weight - Game Changer

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 1, 2021 11:18:16 PM / by Dr. Isadora Guggenheim

If you have PCOS you can increase your fertility with weight loss.

If you got diagnosed with PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome that explains the mood swings, the weight gain, the facial hair growth and the perpetual cystic acne.  Now what?

PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome is a common reason for adolescent girls and young women to find their way to the endocrinologist's office.  PCOS has physical, psychological and social effects.  PCOS is challenging.  We listen to our patients with PCOS at Second Nature.  We are sensitive to the needs of women with PCOS.  We understand the lifelong implications of PCOS.  

PCOS is a polygenic condition that is diagnosed with three criteria - no menstruation or ovulation, hyperandrogenism or increased hair growth where you don't want it and polycystic ovaries on ultrasound.

There are established strict guidelines of diagnosis so that PCOS is not over-diagnosed.   

The diagnosis is a challenge and sharing it with sensitivity is another issue.  Many young women struggling with self-esteem issues are shocked by the diagnosis. They can experience panic, disbelief and worry especially related to their future fertility status.  Young women with PCOS are three times more likely to be concerned about their future ability to conceive than peers without PCOS.   

We take the time to explain what PCOS is in simple terms and make sure that our patients comprehend their condition and how they can take part in their healthcare process.  

Naturopathic Medicine focuses on empowering lifestyle changes that you can learn and use into adult life. This is the cornerstone of PCOS treatment.  We create a treatment protocol with nutraceuticals, dietary changes, exercise to manage PCOS.  

Managing PCOS improves quality of life.  

We recognize and validate your concerns.  We listen to your plan for lifestyle changes.  We address any barriers that you might see or feel.  

We offer full pharmacy options to address PCOS associated diabetes, cardiovascular risk factors, skin issues and menstrual irregularities.  

At Second Nature, we give clear information, realistic treatment protocols and supported discussions that include you. 

Some good news for those with PCOS. Losing weight improves your ovulation rate if you are overweight or obese with infertility due to PCOS. It also improves your chances of a full term pregnancy and live birth. 

Even if you have been prescribed oral contraceptive pills to boost ovulation you need a lifestyle plan to upregulate your metabolism and balance your hormones. 

Calorie restriction, increased physical activity and nutraceuticals that support weight loss play key roles in permanent weight loss. We integrate all three elements in our HCG permanent weight loss program and our Good Gut program. Both programs reduce cellular inflammation, increase energy and support consistent weight loss. 

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Changing your lifestyle can improve your ovulation rate by 60%. 





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