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Periodontal Disease - A Healthy Mouth is a Happy Mouth

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 6, 2016 5:00:00 AM / by Winter Ninivaggi

Health starts in your mouth.

Periodontal disease is the inflammation and damage of the tissues and structures that surround and support the teeth.

This is the result of the colonization of pathogenic bacteria in the mouth. The disease can also effect the host on a systematic scale, as a consequence, many other chronic diseases have been correlated with unhealthy mouths.


Insulin resistance and diabetes, atherosclerosis, respiratory tract complications, anemia, liver and gastrointestinal diseases, preterm labor , ischemic stroke, chronic inflammation, kidney disease, arthritis and even cancer can have root causes stemming from an unkempt oral microbiome.

Factors that influence the oral microbiome include whether the individual was born vaginally or by cesarean section, oral anatomy, the present of sites such as teeth, implants and gum line quality, local temperature, salivary flow, oral pH, oxidation and reduction potentials within the mouth, gingival crevicular fluid flow, dietary habits , medical interventions, hygiene practices, genetics and lifestyle practices.

Oral bacteria and toxins can sneak into the bloodstream and have been found in systemic sepsis, infective endocarditis, lung infections and liver disease. Periodontal disease has also been linked to rheumatoid arthritis.

Taking the best care of your oral microbiome possible is the best way to take avoid periodontal disease. Regular dental cleanings and standard daily hygiene procedure is necessary, thorough brushing and flossing is imperative . Diet is also important, a reduced intake of sugars helps to maintain a more alkaline environment.

At Second Nature Care we pay special attention to overall health. We offer natural treatment for Periodontal Disease.

We have all natural Periodontal Pathogen Nosode drops. They work to improve resistence and treat the disease. Probiotics are also important in maintaining the oral microbiome as they are with any other microbiome.

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Winter Ninivaggi

Written by Winter Ninivaggi

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