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Plagued by Herpes? - Ozone Therapy

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 20, 2018 8:29:49 AM / by Dr. Isadora Guggenheim

Ozone therapy for Herpes I and II. Second Nature Care.

If you have a herpes lesion on your lips you feel like the whole world is looking at you. Now there is advanced treatment for Herpes I and II. 

Herpes lesions are painful, disturbing and frequent recurrences indicate a broken immune system. 

Anti-virals can be effective at controlling the virus and must be used continuously because they do not cure the condition. Some toxic medications damage your mitochondria especially if you have genomic differences. We interpret your 23 and Me results and your Empire City Lab results to get a comprehensive blood baseline picture of where you are right now.

Herpes is not a benign condition. It has killed babies, it adds to the number of C-sections to reduce contraction,  it alters neurotransmitters and causes depression, herpes affects the joints and nerves, it crosses the blood-brain barrier and is linked to dementia and overall makes people struggling with the virus feel miserable. 

Dr. G. just got back from the annual Ozone Master's Conference in San Diego where Dr. Lahodny, creater of the 10 pass MAH, presented his ozone research which unequivocably proves that ozone therapy repairs mitochondrial damage. Dr. Sylvia Menendez presented over 35 years of her ozone research from Cuba in treatments for chronic viruses, cancer, diabetes, RA, MS and much more. Ozone protects and preserves without a doubt our antioxidant enzymes, detoxification pathways, mitochondria, ability to make ATP, reduce oxidative stress, protects adenosine receptors and many other life force activities. Ozone therapy is effective at controlling and killing the viral load.  Ozone induces cytokine action that decreases viral replication. 

If you had to choose one therapy - Ozone would be my choice.

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We offer MAH (major autohemotherapy) for Herpes. As soon as you feel a tingling or stinging sensation above or below the waist patients come in and do a daily MAH treatment until the lesion is completely gone. Ozone therapy can break the frequency and intensity of outbreaks. 

It might take 3 -5 treatment cycles of 10 sessions to eradicate the virus. This is worth it to improve your health. 

If you changed your diet by cutting out citrus, nuts, chocolate, sugar and alcohol and you've taken Monolaurin acid, Viragraphis and Vitamin C consistently - and you're still having herpes outbreaks you may want to consider I.V. ozone therapy. 

There is a specialized herpes formula to take while you are doing I.V. therapy.  This formula calls the virus out of tissue storage into the bloodstream where the Ozone therapy can effectively kill it. 

Viral infections turn on autoimmune diseases. Don't let Herpes turn on your genes for autoimmune disease. 




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